Lindam Door Bouncer Deals @ Mothercare

Lindam Door Bouncer Deals @ Mothercare

Mothercare have two Lindam door bouncers on offer at the moment; one is £14.99 and the other is £19.99 - both of them have £5 off their usual full retail price - and if you add code QBTV to your basket then you'll get a further 10% off; marvellous.

All of my children loved bouncing from the door frame in a door bouncer; it was a great way to kill some time and cheer them up when they were feeling less than happy or fractious and bored with all other activites - bouncing ALWAYS produced instant giggles and smiles...for me too, not just them.

Both the Lindam door bouncers are suitable for babies who can hold their head up, unaided,  from three to 15 months and the maximum weight limit is approximately 12 kilos.  They attache to interior door frames using a springloaded clamp and are fully supportive, are adjustable and the little saddle/seat/hammocky type thing (or whatever you want to call it) is washable.

The door bouncers I bought were some of the best baby 'stuff' investements I made, and produced the most fun - if you've got £20 floating around, or someone has asked if they can buy your little one something then I'd really consider going for a door bouncer of some description.

You can arrange to collect either of these Lindam door bouncers for free at your nearest Mothercare store, or pay an additional £4.95 and have it delivered to your door.

Thanks to cazzap06 at HUKD


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