Lamaze Stacking Rings £12.86 @ Amazon

There’s a lovely 42% off the Lamaze Stacking Rings at Amazon on at the moment, reducing this fun baby toy from a rather painful £21.99 to a much more palatable £12.86.

While I’ll take a wooden toy over a plastic one any day of the week, I do really like the look of the Lamaze Stacking Rings. They’re brilliant for encouraging early fine motor skill development (by stacking and by putting the spike into the hole). They also have loads of sensory attachments, perfect for stimulating babies.

Then it goes all over the top and spins when baby has stacked them all together, and plays music to boot. But fortunately, it has an on/off button, if you’re worried about overstimulation! The different sensory bits are billed by the product description as being “different colourful ribbons so can also be used as individual toys for extended play”.

This toy is suited to babies nine months and over.

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