Lamaze Spin & Explore Garden Gym 49% Off At Amazon

Lamaze Spin & Explore Garden Gym 49% Off At Amazon

Let me be the first to admit that this baby 'toy' strikes me as more than a little quirky but at least it's quirky with a cool price tag - it's currently reduced to £16.88 at Amazon, which is a saving of 49% off the original price of £32.99.

The Spin & Explore Garden Gym from Lamaze claims to put a unique spin on tummy time play. The play mat acts as a grow-with-me feature which encourages exploration while developing upper body strength and lower leg development through a unique shape and rotating motion. In other words babies lie on their tummies and use their arms to gently spin around, exploring all the various squeaky, crinkly, tactile buts and pieces attached to the mat. And once baby is old enough to sit unaided you can also remove the spinner and use the Garden Gym just like a standard playmat.

I did tell you it was quirky. But cute, too. In fact I wouldn't mind one of these for myself - especially if half an hour of spinning around on it could get me out of having to go to an actual gym.

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