Fisher Price Chatter Phone £5.10 @ Amazon

Fisher Price Chatter Phone £5.10 @ Amazon

Amazon have taken a little bit of money off the full price of £6.99 - just a little bit, but I'd happily pay full price for a Chatter Phone - so you can pick one up for £5.10 instead.

I used to play with a Fisher Price Chatter Phone when I was little!

I remember there being one in the playhouse that we had in my infant school classroom (and that really IS going back a bit); everyone loved being the member of the 'household' in charge of answering the phone.

He can be pulled along or pushed along and his eyes move up and down.  His dial has colours instead of numbers and he's one of those good old-fashioned toys that are nice and simple, don't need any batteries or a degree in rocket science to get enjoyment from.

The Fisher Price Chatter Phone is suitable for youngsters aged one year and over - although, for the life of me I can't think of any good reason why a younger child couldn't play with him.

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