Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo / Belle £27.49 @ Smyths Toys

Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo / Belle £27.49 @ Smyths Toys

The Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBo was a sell out everywhere last Christmas, and it was so difficult to get hold of. Whilst there are plenty in stock at the moment it is the best price it has been for a long while, as it's down to £27.49 at Smyths Toys.

As well as the original version there's also a new 'Belle' version of the friendly robot, with a more 'girly' face and a softer pastel colour scheme for those who aren't into the bright primary colours of the first style.

These toys have tons of fun learning functions as the BeatBo will activate songs, learning content to teach first letters, colours and numbers plus encourage your little ones to make a start on dance moves just by pressing their big buttons.

It has a fun 'dancing' action to get hips shaking and heads nodding, and there are three modes of play so that it grows with baby - Dance 'n Move, Learning & Games, Sing-Along.

You can click and collect from Smyths Toys for free, or home delivery is free on orders of £29 or more.


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  • Alison R.

    I wouldn't bother. Her beatbo didn't even last 12 bloody months! A lot of money and disappointment x

    • Fallon R.

      Faiths is still going but I'm noticing it's going quieter ect x

      • Alison R.

        Hollie played with that thing day and night :joy: I wouldn't want to get her another and to love it so much again for it to break! X

        • Fallon R.

          Faith doesn't touch hers.. She goes back to her teddies all the time x

          • Emma I.

            Ours broke after 3 months :triumph:

            • n0s4a2

              Put new batteries in it, genius.

            • Kate S.

              Why do they need a bloody girl version for everything ???

              • Sarah B.

                was this that awesome toy Evelyn has got?

                • Stephanie H.

                  It was indeed! :blush:

                  • Sarah B.


                  • Danielle D.

                    pink one for ruby xx

                    • Toni F.

                      Awww amazing I will order her a pink one cheers x

                      • Danielle D.

                        no probs xx

                      • Amie J.

                        an idea for Florence for xmas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart_eyes:

                        • Susan N.

                          myla needs the pink one:santa:

                          • Diane H.

                            She defo does xx

                            • Susan N.

                              I knew she would, auntie susan will get her one x

                            • Ceara M.

                              freya just saw this and told me "that's what Lylah wants for Xmas!"

                              • Bronagh M.

                                Going to get her the Belle :relaxed:

                              • Amy L.

                                rose wants!! XxX

                                • Carly G.

                                  Is this what you were after last year ?

                                  • Jennifer W.

                                    Yes lol xxx

                                  • Tiffany B.

                                    look girl one!!! Xx

                                    • Sinead D.

                                      might an idea for clara for Christmas am getting Jacob one

                                      • Amanda H.

                                        Yeah i might get her one huni not much to get at der age xxx

                                      • Katie W.

                                        Why does there need to be a GIRL version, does the original one not work if you have ovaries?

                                      • Emma P.

                                        Omg , Bella NEEDS Belle for her bday?! :heartpulse:

                                        • Lucy B.

                                          How cute :heart_eyes::heartpulse: xxxxx

                                        • Klaire G.

                                          A girls version!

                                          • Isabel S.

                                            Aw a want the pink 1 :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                                            • Klaire G.

                                              Love it :heart_eyes:

                                            • Ellen S.

                                              Going to watch the video to see what it does. It has great reviews x

                                              • Debbie R.

                                                Oft thats cheap xx

                                                • Jo A.

                                                  for pippa for xmas

                                                  • Kath L.

                                                    Aarrr their nice, ok xxx

                                                    • Jo A.

                                                      Yes thought something different that we don't have x

                                                    • Victoria B.

                                                      Why does there have to be a 'girl' version?! Sigh. :rolling_eyes:

                                                      • Jessica H.

                                                        they got pink one now and it's on offer :smiley: xx

                                                      • Emma B.

                                                        One enough in this house haha