Discounts On Lamaze Toys @ Amazon

Discounts On Lamaze Toys @ Amazon

There are a couple of discounted Lamaze toys at Amazon at the moment, with discounts ranging from 9 to 35%. While none of the discounts are amazing, if you're buying a few toys, it'll quickly add up.

It seems Lamaze pretty much has the market cornered on the new baby toys scene, especially in mainstream parenting. I don't think there's a mum at a baby group I go to that doesn't have at least one toy and just before my baby was born, we were given a bag full from someone else whose baby had outgrown theirs.

For good reason too, I guess - they have bold and contrasting colours for babies, and fun things to rattle, crinkle, chew on and grab. There's a host of different toys available, so at least you don't have to have exactly the same as everyone else in your group.

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