Cloud B Twilight Ladybug £7.59 Delivered @ Amazon Seller Net Price Direct

Cloud B Amazon Net Price Direct on Amazon are selling a Cloud B Twilight Ladybug for £7.59 instead of £20.99, which is pretty much what they go for elsewhere on the web. Remember to click on 'Other Sellers'!

This is a really good price for this little guy. I'm always looking at them and thinking they're just that little more than I want to spend on a stuffed toy that lights up, but actually, this is a pretty affordable option, I think!

These plush puppets contain a removable hot or cold pack that helps create a warm hug for winter nights or a cool companion for summer nights. The gel packs can be heated or cooled many times and are perfect to use for bumps and bruises. The soothing puppets are fun and functional and a perfect addition to any child's bedtime routine.

If you've been looking out for one of these, don't hang about. It'll go up in price soon, no doubt.

Thanks to Kathleen on PlayPennies FB

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  • dignity5
    It's £12.91 delivered...
  • LuschkaPP
    It's £12.91 delivered...
    Hi Dignity5. If you follow the instructions above and go to seller NetPriceDirect it's £7.59.

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