Bright Starts Smiling Safari Activity Jumper / Bright Starts Smiling Safari Portable Swing £19.99 @ Mothercare (Expired)

Bright Starts Smiling Safari Jumper

EDIT: Now out of stock

I cannot believe my eyes! Mothercare have lost the plot... they have slashed the price of the Bright Starts Smiling Safari Activity Jumper from £99.99 to just £19.99! That it not a typo! Then there's the Bright Starts Smiling Safari Portable Swing, was £69.99 now £19.99. Grab 'em now or they'll be gone!

The Bright Starts Smiling Safari Activity Jumper is a "Jumperoo" type bouncer. It features 12+ activities with interactive toys and characters, lights and sounds and a padded seat.

The Seat can rotate 360° can be height adjusted as baby grows. From 4 months old, or when baby can sit up unaided.

The Bright Starts Smiling Safari Portable Swing will soothe baby with it's gentle rocking motion. You can control the speed, and the Comfort Recline Seat has two positions.

You can Click and Collect your Bright Starts bargains for FREE from a Mothercare store near you, or pay £3.95 for Home Delivery.

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  • Naomi B.

    !! I know they won't be in them yet, but at that price you can put them away until they are!! Xx

    • Naomi B.

      For that price two!!! They are an absolute life saver!!! Xx

  • XStephanie S.

    you’d be better buying that activity jumper as they normally 100 xxx

  • Claire K.

    the jumper brilliant price

  • Alice M.

    Thanks! Seems like a good deal!x

  • Lisa D.

    that’s a bargain for a jumper, the jumperoos I had were about 40/45 quid each x

  • Kirsti F.

    We've already got one for Athena was her Christmas present

  • Sonya M.

    cheers misses just ordered the activity jumper there

  • Yasmin P.

    I think I’ve ordered one lol

  • Nichola C.

    Will pop down mothercare today Thanks x

  • Alison W.

    Activity jumper out of stock :rage:

  • Donna W.

    Jumpers out of stock but got the chair

  • Marie B.

    I know good price aswell as their not in it long x

  • Lisa W.

    Sorry there not in stock says on the page they are then when you go to pay it’s says there out of stock xx

  • Julie G.

    Already out of stock :slight_frown:

  • Stacey F.

    I alrdy have these type of things hun xxxxxxxxx

  • Victoria B.

    These are silly cheap! But we already have a jumperoo x

  • Paula D.

    Out of stock wen ya put it in ya basket xxx

  • Gemma G.

    Already dreading the space for all this situation :see_no_evil::joy::flushed:

  • Jane J.

    Very good, looks big though xx

  • Emma S.

    Aw cute!! Love that swing

  • Cheryl A.

    Amazing price! Jack loved his jumperoo :heartpulse: thanks xx

  • Kimberley B.

    Anyone that’s ordered.. have you received confirmation from mothercare? I processed the payment via PayPal & I’ve received an email from them saying it’s been paid but when it refreshed the page it took me back to my basket & said out of stock

    • Kimberley B.

      Grr wonder if mine has went through properly then.

    • Kirsty E.

      I don’t think it would of gone through then I’m guessing it went out of stock when it was in checkout / basket process. Same happened to me this morning with some clothes PayPal sent me a receipt even though it said out of stock but when iv checked my mothercare and bank account the money hasn’t been taken :disappointed:

  • XMel X.

    It says it's out of stock once it's in ur basket:thinking::thinking:

  • Michelle D.

    Wow they look fab - might have a look now :) xxx

  • Michelle D.

    It's out of stock - boo xxx

  • Kim O.

    boo hoo!! Thought they’d go quick at that price xxx

  • Caroline S.

    Just went to purchase the jumperoo and out of stock already :hear_no_evil:

  • Kate D.

    Thanks babe just order the swing now bargain :kissing_heart::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:xx

  • Megan B.

    Amazing I’m gonna look now xxx

  • Kell L.

    Bloody hell thats good :thumbsup: xxxx

  • Stacey C.

    I have everything but thank you it's a good price too xxxx

  • Laurie B.

    Oh my!!!! He has a wee activity jumper already but his feet still don't touch the ground lol. Great value for money!!!! Xxx

  • Jessica R.

    Freddie’s got one. :relaxed: xx

  • Hannah I.

    bargain if you haven't already got one

    • Vicki H.

      Oh wow thats will look at that later when im back

  • Mandy M.

    It's really flimsy. I would avoid. Bought it for my daughter and it broke almost straight away...

  • Chloe H.

    I’ve just brought this

  • Gemma R.

    Out of stock already :rolling_eyes::grimacing:

  • Linda D.

    I went on to buy it there but out of stock so ive went onto the stock alert list

  • Carrie A.

    wow that's really good.. no we haven't got one yet xxx

  • Sarah L.

    Oooh thankyou- mothercare here we come xx

  • Rebecca S.

    :smirk::smirk:got it in my basket but then it went out of stock

  • Amelia B.

    Out of stock already

  • Abby M.

    :open_mouth: that’s well good price x

  • Kaylee R.

    That's what I thought, we paid about 120 for a jumperoo!! :-o x

  • Abby M.

    will get this ordered lol x

  • Kaylee R.

    There quite handy and keep little ones entertained for abit, downside is they take up abit of room lol x

  • Kelly D.

    Are these like the jumparoos ?? X

  • Sammy K.

    Matts dad is buying her a Minnie Mouse one :heart_eyes: but thanku this is a really good price x

  • Sam M.

    Just tryed to get it out of stock :tired_face::joy:

  • Kelly D.

    Arrrr. My mums already got me a jumparoo. Xx

  • Ruth M.

    Out of stock :cry::thumbsdown_tone1:Gutted xx

  • Caroline S.

    It's out of stock :sob::sob::sob: xx

  • Rebecca G.

    I went to buy it ther n it's now out of stock

  • Michelle D.

    Out of stock already :see_no_evil: I bet they only have about 5 to sell haha xx

  • Rachel J.

    Wow that’s cheap. Thanks xx

  • Kara M.

    Blimey!! Haveto get on that lol x

  • Hannah S.

    David said we aren't allowed one of these in our house :joy:

  • Courtney P.

    Bloody he'll that's brill xxx

  • Kasey P.

    Aw how good is that!! Think that’ll be ok for a boy or girl lol? X

  • Sally D.

    Damn it out of stock gutted x

  • Vicky R.

    Wow thanks hun will have a look xx

  • Ami T.

    They’ve updated the post now, gotta be quick :runner_tone3:‍♀️ :dash:

  • Alison C.

    Oooh that’s really good!

  • Michelle P.

    Out of stock now :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::joy:

  • Hayley W.

    This is like the swing I saw but I missed out on both! :weary: xx

  • Jill M.

    We got one but thanks :thumbsup: x

  • Emma C.

    Awww thats a cute one!we have got one but i like this tooo lol x

  • Meg B.

    Tommy would love this in a couple of months! Will get one xx

  • Haley N.

    Blimey that’s a good price, she has one similar and now causes havoc crawling!!!

  • Alison C.

    Hahaha oops didn’t see the other one :see_no_evil::joy: a like the wee activity jump thing! but if you’ve eeny meeny miny mo’d either is lovely :see_no_evil::joy:

  • Andrea M.

    We’ve been given a jumperoo bargain tho!!

  • Hayley A.

    That’s not bad can’t believe it haha

  • Tracey D.

    That’s what I thought as well

  • Leanne B.

    Ah man out of stock that looks awesome

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