Batman Baby Walker £58.99 (was £79.99) @ Argos

Batman Baby Walker £58.99 (was £79.99) @ Argos

Ever wanted a Batmobile for your baby? Well now you can get one, and with more than £20 off too!

The Kids Embrace Batman Baby Walker is reduced from £79.99 to £58.99 at Argos, and that's way cheaper than anywhere else I can find it.

The Batman walker has an interactive play tray to keep your child entertained with lights, music and sound effects, plus lots of buttons to press, a turning key and a steering wheel. The walker has 3 height positions and is suitable from 6 months old.

I know your baby is not going to be a Batman fan, so this is obviously for the benefit of the grown ups, but if you are going to be getting a baby walker then it may as well look cool as well as being functional, after all it's going to be taking up a big chunk of your living space!

This is an online only item so you can't reserve and collect, but you can order it to be collected from your local store for free, or pay an extra £3.95 to get one delivered to your home.


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  • Maegann G.

    :o if there's a pink version I'll happily give up my Christmas presents for her

    • Faye C.

      how cool is that?! X

      • Emma F.

        Might get him one for Christmas maybe :grin: he will be about ready for one. X

        • Emma F.

          .. Can we? X

          • Drew T.

            we'll see what Santa brings :joy: X

            • Faye C.

              It's in the sale now :wink: x

              • Emma F.

                its batman. Can you really say no to him having the batmobile? x

              • Paul R.

                we need another one so we can get this!!!!!!

              • Vicki M.

                shame we didn't see this when Max was a baby! x

                • Daniel R.

                  That's ace x

                  • Toria C.

                    They didn't have these when Tyler was little! Pfffft lol x

                    • Aíne K.

                      Haha class!!!

                      • Rachel V.

                        - check this out :smiley:

                        • Helen P.

                          Brilliant. Kris would prob love it more than Ben lol

                        • Rebecca C.

                          !! Oakley NEEDS this x

                          • Joanne M.

                            That is amazing X

                            • Sara S.

                              Oh my god Noah needs this x

                              • Claire S.

                                Hahaha amazing!!! Xx

                              • Wayne L.

                                This is so cool just couldn't justify spending that much on one xx

                                • Kelly L.

                                  Wow. That's is amazing but he's kind of outgrown his jumparoo and would most likely be too big for this. x

                                  • Chloe S.

                                    Love it but have you seen the price :see_no_evil:xx

                                    • Mary B.

                                      Wow! Xx

                                      • Sally K.

                                        Oh look at I love it x

                                      • Sian H.

                                        how cute is this xx

                                        • Lauren H.

                                          I love it, it's well cute xxx

                                        • Natasha L.

                                          omg look at this xx

                                          • Margaret M.

                                            Looks class xx altho he's not even born yet lol x

                                            • Natasha L.

                                              I know lol cracker looking lol xx

                                            • Lisa H.

                                              Xmas for little man x

                                              • Laura W.

                                                a little something for our special boy xx

                                                • Jen O.

                                                  Daddy can get it... :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: