First Years Fold And Go Deluxe Changing Kit £7.99 @ Amazon

8 April 2011

first years

The First Years Fold & Go Deluxe Changing Kit is £7.99 at Amazon at the moment, which is 38% off the usual £12.99.

At first glance, this First Years Fold & Go Deluxe Changing Kit seems like one of those absolutely essential items first time parents just have to have – until they later realise they really didn't at all.

And in truth, it probably is just that, but actually, I can see its appeal.

It's small, compact, and rather practical. The wipes case is translucent, so you can see just how many you have left. It has a carry handle which can be attached to a stroller or, I suppose, carried. The surface is 'moisture-resistant' and can be wiped clean, and the mesh pockets will hold 2-3 nappies – so probably just one reusable.

Which seems to make it the ideal bag for quick trips out, to keep in the car for emergencies, or when you're not planning a whole day out.

Reviewers feel it's probably best for one young infant, but not for more than one, or for much older babies.

As I've written this, I've grown to like it more, and am finding myself very tempted. I'm really all about the minimalistic approach to going out with a baby!

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