White Baby Fleece Blanket £1.50 @ Tesco

24 September 2011

fleeceBabyBlanket If you're looking for baby fleece blankets, get yourself over to Tesco now and grab a couple; Tesco are selling them for £1.50 instead of £3.00.

I put the heating on early this morning; I've been resisting up until now, but it was decidedly chilly first thing.

If you're expecting a winter baby then you're going to need a fair few blankets; I know this from experience as the Teenagers were both born in November.

These white fleece baby blankets from Tesco measure 90cm x 70cm - big enough for moses baskets, cribs, car seats or just wrapping baby up when they're in your arms.

You might think that white isn't a very practical colour but newborns aren't in the habit of rolling around in the mud, and as the blankets are easy, and quick, to wash and dry - whether it's in the tumble dryer or over a radiator - white isn't a problem.

Home delivery by Tesco costs £5, so don't bother with that (unless you're buying lots of other things too, to make it worthwhile) collect them in-store for free instead.

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD

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