Wack ‘n Splash £4.89 @ Argos

wack Some of my fondest memories of childhood include doing things with water in the garden. We had a weird slide thing that we set up at the top of the hill and shot down like bullets, it was fabulous. This is a great place to start for any toddler owners as it’s fun and messy.

Down to £4.89 from £9.79, the Wach ‘n Splash is perfect for ages three and over, is made from PVC and comes fully assembled – just add a hosepipe. There is very little information about this product online and Argos only helpfully tells me it is Bazoom size. Whatever that means!

I think that this is a really good price for a children’s garden toy but I suggest that you go instore and check it out beforwack2e you buy it. It will save you on delivery charges and ensure you get a good product.

Parent reviews aren’t all that positive, most complaining about the levels of squirt from the little jets, but they all agree that the toy is great fun to play with.

Thanks to millarcat at HUKD!

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