VTech Safe & Sound Owl Baby Monitor BM4300 £59.99 @ Very

VTech Safe & Sound Owl Baby Monitor BM4300

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If you are looking for a Baby Monitor or know someone who is then here's a bargain for you. The VTech Safe & Sound Owl Baby Monitor BM4300 has been slashed in price from £129.99 to just £59.99 at Very. That's a whopping £70 off!

The VTech Safe & Sound Owl Baby Monitor BM4300 has all the bells and whistles, and so it seems like incredible value for just under £60.

With digital technology and an adjustable camera, large 4.3” screen and infrared lights you will be able to see and hear baby without a hitch (even in the dark).

One common problem with Baby Monitors is the range, but this one boasts a long 300m range so you will be able to listen in or watch around the house.

The Talk-Back feature is a godsend as you can settle baby without having to go into the room. You know as soon as you do that, they end up wide awake.

There's also a temperature sensor on this, which is most handy.

You can pick up the VTech Safe & Sound Owl Baby Monitor BM4300 for FREE from a Collect+ outlet near you or pay £3.99 to have it delivered to your front door.

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  • Sophie G.

    Awesome ill take a look at that thanks!

  • Sarah M.

    Total bargain... get on it

  • Dani

    Can also get £30 off too if you sign up to a very account which makes these even more of a bargain x

  • Samantha W.

    I seen this on very this morning. But I need something for the two of them/ camera swivel. Lol. Cute though and would of gone lush with the nursery theme. Xx

  • Ann B.

    Oh yeah that looks great thanks xx

  • Heather K.

    were selling our old one too but it's not quite as fancy!

  • Luke D.

    Literally ordered a new one today!

  • Jessica L.

    That would go perfect in Olivia's room! Can't justify £60 when we already have a working monitor though :frowning2::frowning2: xx

  • Jen F.

    I've been looking at these for days. I'll have a look at this one x

  • Kayleigh S.

    Love the owl :heart_eyes: but yeah got one ready x

  • Jenna T.

    i hadn't seen that exact one before but it looks great! And it means we don't need to link it to the iPad so David can still be using it and we can see the baby at the same time :blush: xxx

  • Kirsty H.

    Good isn't it, makes a change from the normal boring camera :heart_eyes:

  • Gemma C.

    Oooooo I must check reviews of it .. looks cute to

  • Nicola J.

    I ordered this 10 mins ago at £60 and they've dropped it to £50 now! :rolling_eyes: x

    • Chantelle T.

      Phone very they will refund you the £10 they just refunded me the amount back x

  • Gail W.

    That so cute! We have a video monitor though. I just need an extra camera x

  • Sophie C.

    I saw this the other day!! I need it haha such a bargain i wonder how long the deal is on for xxx

  • Shalla M.

    Omg that's such a good price :hushed: xx

  • Jessica L.

    it's all good I got the discount so £35 to pay for a cuddle towel, some eyeliner and the monitor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: xx

  • Diane B.

    Thanks Hun!! I'll get it Tonight lol! Xxxx

  • Sophie B.

    Omg I Neeeeeed this!!!!!!!! Xxx

  • Rachel E.

    It is adorable and a total bargain! My favourite things in a purchase ;p xxx

  • Charlie W.

    Haha love it !!! Been looking for ages

  • Sinead C.

    I'm going to order these how cute!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xxxx

  • Laura T.

    Omg I love it because it's an owl! But video monitors freak me out! :joy:

  • Sazzy M.

    Bought it :-) thanks for the heads up xx

  • Bianca D.

    Thought what a bargain!! Xx

  • Kelly J.

    Ooh that's great, thanks!

  • Jodie P.

    That's really good thanks Hun x

  • Sinead C.

    They seem to have good reviews

  • Niamh M.

    I got mine last week raging now that one looks class

  • Kerrie H.

    We just got a sunluxy one from amazon it's fab x

  • Roisin G.

    typical...missed a bargain.....:persevere::persevere::disappointed_relieved:

  • Katie H.

    Got one but thank you beauty

  • Katiemarie J.

    Thank you! I need everything :thumbsup: xxx

  • Laura T.

    Exactly. Don't ever actually turn it on! :joy:

  • Laura H.

    Just call me bargin queen :princess:

  • Becky W.

    Thanks weve already got something similar though but this is cute! Xxx

  • Becky W.

    Aww thanks a bunch it looked lovely on the pics so im sure it will be :heart:

  • Corinna H.

    Ooh this one looks good :grimacing: xx

  • Stacey O.

    Ooooh this looks good :ok_hand: xx

  • Amy G.

    That's a great price! Gunna look online the now and see if they have any left xxx

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