Up To 36% Off Selected Baby Bean Bags @ Daisy Baby Shop

Up To 36% Off Selected Baby Bean Bags @ Daisy Baby Shop

If you are expecting and have been on the look out for a baby bean bag, you may want to pop over to Daisy Baby Shop and take a look. They currently have up to 36% off selected designs and there are some seriously cute ones to choose from!

Baby bean bags are becoming more and more popular in recent times due to the fact that they minimise the risk of Flat Head Syndrome amongst baby's compared to the use of rockers and hard baby seats. It also states they are suitable for toddlers so you will get your money's worth out of them unlike traditional baby seats that little one's outgrow quickly.

There are some fab designs over at Daisy Baby Shop, this Gaga Cuddlesoft Campervan Bean Bag* is brilliant! It is £47.99 and comes in either red, blue or pink. There is also a Racing Car* design available for £44.99 which comes in five colours.

The Navy Cuddlesoft Baby Bean Bag* currently has 36% off and is down to £41.79 from £64.99. This also comes in several other colours but they are down to £42.99. All of the covers can be removed for machine washing, an essential feature with a newborn!

The delivery prices vary per item, however it starts from £1.


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  • Karina W.

    these are cute! xx

    • Kaya G.

      Aaw love it! If only we had the space... There just seem to be car seats and baskets and cushions all over the flat these days! Xx

      • Karina W.

        yes I remember how much crap you need with new borns

      • Nicola W.

        how cool! X

        • Sophie H.

          how cute are these xxxx

          • Rachel K.

            Aww how cute :blush: I want one xxx

          • Louise M.

            Aww love it :heart_eyes: xx

            • Francesca H.

              how cute is this :heart_eyes: x

              • Natalie A.

                Aww haha that's ace :joy::joy: x

              • Rachel L.

                for squishy? Although will the girls leave it alone...? Lol x

                • Louisa '.

                  That's what mums getting me :blush:

                  • Rachel L.

                    :heart_eyes: x

                    • Louisa '.

                      Great minds :smiley:

                      • Rachel L.

                        Definitely. And a spoilt squishy. Keep looking at baby things now! :blush: Is there anything you need or want? X

                        • Louisa '.

                          i have no idea haha, ordered the buggy, got a Moses basket, boob pump and bottle/steriliser set and bottle warmer are on route. Have other bits and bobs in mind but really have no clue lol x

                          • Rachel L.

                            Organised or what?! Lol xx

                            • Louisa '.

                              haha trying x

                              • Rachel L.

                                Definitely more organised than I was with Charlie! Lol. But then I blame him for arriving 2 months early. Haha x

                                • Louisa '.

                                  Me and John wanna be ready for anything that could happen haha and before I'm too big to move things around willy nilly x

                                  • Rachel L.

                                    Haha. Suppose having the pram an moses will give the girls chance to adjust too. Can get baby noise cds too, to help them adjust before baby arrives. May be an idea...? X

                                    • Louisa '.

                                      Thankfully most of them have been around babies before, just Nahla that's only seen them when they're a bit older x

                                    • Lynn L.

                                      Chris will love it too I'm guessing lol. It's dearer than the other ones that's the only thing xx

                                      • Sammi B.

                                        i want one! x

                                        • Louise M.

                                          That's ok it's looks so much better he will definitely like it especially the colour :grinning: xx

                                          • Kelly C.

                                            ! A camper for Cameron :joy:

                                            • Lynn L.

                                              :heart_eyes::relaxed: xx

                                              • Laura L.

                                                Haha awesome xx

                                                • Jay S.


                                                • Louise M.

                                                  :kissing_heart: xxxx

                                                  • Jenna M.

                                                    think I might get one of these :grinning:

                                                  • Debbie C.

                                                    check out the regi xx

                                                    • Wilma R.

                                                      Oooooooooooh I want that! X