Unisex 12 Month Milestone Baby Bodysuits From £16 @ Matalan

Unisex 12 Month Milestone Baby Vests

When you have a baby everything just goes so fast, these cute 12 Month Bodysuits are a perfect way to capture those milestones.

You can get a set of 12 bodysuits from just £16 at Matalan, they are a great alternative to baby milestone cards.

There are two sets available, both are unisex you can choose from the white/pastel set* for £16 or the grey/black/white set* for £18.

Each set contains 12 vest/bodysuits with short sleeves with a slogan on the front with 'I am 1 month', 'I am 2 months' and so on. Then all you have to do is pop the vest on your little one and take a photo or video of them to remember that milestone!

It's a lovely way to record each stage in your baby's life. The sets would make fantastic baby shower or newborn gifts.

Home delivery is £3.95 or you can Click and Collect from your local Matalan store for free.

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  • Anneka J.

    They’re great except the 6 month one is size 3-6 so my daughter only just fit for the photo as she’s so long x

    • Charlotte B.

      My babies would have been too small for every size!! Nice idea tho!

  • Gemma D.

    Baby needs the grey ones :heart_eyes:

  • Amy P.

    I know. I saw these the other day. They’d be way easier than those blummin cards. Benjamin just rips them now lol xx

  • Holly J.

    So cute but with them being twins they may not be in them sizes at them months xx

  • Kirsty D.

    Ahh they’re adorable :heart_eyes: xxx

  • Kayleigh D.

    Leave it with me. Colour or grey? X

  • Katie B.

    ... for a first child. Like I will actually know what day it is or care to log this one’s progress :joy: Bad luck #2. Mummy only had time to indulge #1.

  • Kellie M.

    I’d forget :joy::see_no_evil: I’m crap at that stuff lol xx

  • Shannon C.

    Thats what i wanted to get him :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Emma B.

    We have some stickers which a friend bought us. Very similar idea. Now I just need to remember!!

  • Anais S.

    I saw this happy with the blanket lol

  • Kayleigh L.

    :kissing_heart: I’ll order them tomorrow xxxx

  • Laura M.

    I wanna get these as I didn't do anything like that with the others x

  • Maya O.

    Awww! Il have to get some! :heart_eyes: xxx

  • Emma H.

    Ahh I seen them on matalans website the other day. They’re so cute x x x

  • Emma B.

    Ahh I really love these!! :heart_eyes: xxx

  • Charlotte M.

    Indeed they are !! Id have to miss a few hahah xxx

  • Andiee E.

    I keep looking at these but think to myself are the pointless??:thinking:xx

  • Bethany M.

    No I wish I got Joseph some xx

  • Emma D.

    :heart_eyes: OMG these are too cute! I need to get myself down to Matalan :ok_hand_tone2::wink: xx

  • Andiee E.

    awe I might get some. Not long to go :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Amber L.

    Aww they are cute!! :blush::blush: xxx

  • Charlotte E.

    Aww these are fab :grin::heart_eyes: xxx

  • Bethany M.

    Let me have a look around first, I know excited! Xx

  • Sinéad M.

    & they’re from your favourite shop! Haha xx

  • Kathryn F.

    I saw these they are very cute. Xx

  • Bethany M.

    It will hit you the day you give birth :joy: xxx

  • Carol-Anne R.

    Aww yeah these are cute but I think Roo would be too big for them! Ha ha chubber! X

  • Emma C.

    I was just about to tag her in this :joy:

  • Kelly W.

    Ah they are cute! :heart: xx

  • Karan T.

    I know cute in they Matalan as well x

  • Andiee E.

    shhhh. Need to get there first xx

  • Jessica G.

    Super cute :heart_eyes: want these haha x

  • Sinéad M.

    Your not gonna be able to have a scan & not ask them!!!! You better do your gender reveal on Thursday then I’m not waiting weeks to know that’s tight :rolling_eyes::joy: xxx

  • Samantha B.

    I tried to order the ones on the left but they ran out of stock That was before I knew gender I know prefer the Grey black and white :flushed::blue_heart:

  • Angel M.

    Awwwwww!! Love them :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Sue M.

    Brilliant....much better than the badges :grinning:x

  • Caroline B.

    I know, I think they are cute :slight_smile: x

  • Nicole S.

    There's so many things I would have bought by now if we knew!! It's probably a blessing that we don't xxx

  • Louise N.

    Aren’t they cute :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Lorna C.

    Trip to matalan or online little man going to bankrupt us x

  • Nicky M.

    Aw these are cute. I was looking at the different kinds of milestone sets. These are the best.

  • Lucinda B.

    Such a cute idea! Thanks xx

  • Kim M.

    seen then in Matalan the last day I was in xx

  • Rachel E.

    Been after these for a while, will have to get some ordered xx

  • Vicki N.

    Aww they are so cute :heart_eyes: xx

  • Taylor N.

    Was looking at them need to get them lol

  • Jade C.

    I love them but what if he's a beast. The first one might not go anywhere near him never mind the twelfth one ha.

  • Hannah A.

    Ah love these!!! :grin: xxxx

  • Leanne M.

    :heart_eyes: love this idea hen xxx

  • Suzy G.

    Ahhh they are super cute! :heart: xx

  • Vicky S.

    Aww I think the grey and white everything else is grey and white haha they are well cute xx

  • Kerry-ann M.

    i know and good price for them all. X

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