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I love reusable nappies. The environmental and cost implications drew me in, the cuteness factor keeps me coming back for more. It also helps that cloth nappies stopped my daughter's terrible nappy rash.

People are generally surprised when they see how far reusables have come – no more large white squares in stinky Milton.

Tots Bots nappies are suitable for a baby from about 10lbs to 35 lbs and has a built in super soft waterproof layer. The bamboo core provides added absorption, keeping baby skin dry.

Many reusable nappies are now also much smaller than their forerunners. The Version 2 Tots Bots are slimmer fitting, making wearing age appropriate trousers and skirts possible too. They also have a softer and stretchier finish, meaning there's a better fit and less chance of leaks.

Inside the nappy you can add a flushable paper liner, which if wet can be washed and reused, and if dirty can be disposed of.

In days gone by, used nappies were wet-pailed in the aforementioned Milton, but now they are popped in the laundry basket and washed along with normal washing (or on their own) at 60C.

My biggest surprise in using reusable nappies is how little they smell. Of course, a dirty nappy smells like a dirty nappy, but with disposables my daughter quickly smells of urine and chemicals – not really the baby-smell we were after – whereas in cloth, I have to actually check to see if she is wet.

The most important thing to remember about cloth nappies is that you might have to try a few before you find one that perfectly fits your little one, but for us Tots Bots did the trick.

The major disadvantage of reusable nappies is the initial outlay, which can quickly become expensive with individual Tots Bots nappies costing £14 - £18 depending on retailer. Fortunately you don't have to buy everything at once – we started with five that we only used during the day, and progressively built up our collection.

I think it's only fair to warn you, as someone did for me, that cloth nappies are very addictive – once you've changed to cloth, you'll never want to go back

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  • Jessica
    "but now they are popped in the laundry basket and washed along with normal washing" Really?!? I have never heard of anyone doing this. I use reusable nappies and use a nappy pail for them. They still smell a little and I couldn't imagine throwing them in to sit with the regular laundry...stinking up both the laundry and the room.
  • Luschka O.
    That's funny Jessica. The first time I bought reuseables was at the Nappy Lady after a demo and they even said at the time there was no need to seperate, just wash everything at 60degrees for dirty nappies or 40 for wet nappies. (having of course flushed the contents and flushable liner of dirty nappies down the loo) Perhaps it depends how often you wash? We do a load every day with everything we all wore the previous day, so there's really no time for smells to develop. If I was leaving it for more than a day or two, I'd probably have to put a lid on it though.
  • Jessica
    Luschka, well done for being on top of things! I only wash nappies about every 3 days. Also, the husband is barely ok with me washing them in the same washer as our clothes, so throwing our clothes in with them would not work out well in our household! Washing your nappies with your regular laundry, do you do anything special (i.e. use special soap) or just wash as normal?
  • Luschka O.
    Thanks Jessica, to be honest it was born out of necessity - we don't have enough room for me to hang and dry more than a load at a time! I use normal non bio washing tablet, and I use lavender essential oil instead of a conditioner as it's an antiseptic/disinfectant etc and smells nice. If there are dirty nappies then I normally wash at 60 degrees though, and if there are only wet nappies, I wash at 40, whereas if there are no nappies I would wash at 30.
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