The Gro Company Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer Now £15 (was £34.99) @ Amazon /Asda

Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer Now £15

If you have a little one at home who struggles with sleeping then a Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer is a must have. I have one for my daughter who is an early riser and it's a god send!

At both Amazon and Asda you can get The Gro Company Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer for just £15 down from £34.99!

The Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer is designed to help children to get into a healthy sleep routine. Included in with the clock is a Sleepy Farm book, which is to be read before bed as it explains that the child is to look at the clock if they are wondering if it is time to get up yet.

If the child wakes in the night, they can glance at the clock to know what to do. If there are stars showing, they should lie down and relax as it's not time to get up yet. As the stars count down, they know it is almost time, and then the sun arrives on the screen to signal that it is time to get up.

It's a great gadget for those early risers!

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  • Holly M.

    . Do you have one fo Scarlett? May be worth getting one while they're half price x

    • Lucy A.

      Ohh yeah we have one but we haven’t used it yet. Xx

  • Jo L.

    did you want one of these?

  • Wendy P.

    Got one she knows how to reset it even on lock:joy:

  • Hannah E.

    I’ll try anything haha xx

  • Sammy N.

    this is a winner. Buy now I’ll explain it later. Must have item x

    • Charlie D.

      I trust anything you say woman!! Super mum!! I'm on it xx

  • Lisa G.

    maybe an idea for Riley?

    • Chloe I.

      I've already got one lol had it for just over a year :see_no_evil: xxx

    • Chloe I.

      I know lol :joy: he's insufferable lol xxx

    • Lisa G.

      I couldn't cope. Scotty was up at 6.30 this morning from 7.30 last night and I thought I was hard done by :joy: xxx

    • Chloe I.

      Haha that would be a long lie for me lol. The other day I had to deal with major tantrums at 3.50am cause he wanted to get up lol 5am is quite often the norm for me :joy::anguished: xxx

    • Lisa G.

      All my girls were up at 5am but at least they had the decency to go to bed at 5pm... xxx

  • Layla B.

    i think i need this for isaac

  • Amy T.

    Ah thanks hun. Have done a bit of control crying the last few nights and it’s been loads better. Slept til nearly 8 this morning! Happy days! :slight_smile:xxx

  • Carrie G.

    Ooo I’ll have a look later :thumbsup_tone2:

  • Jess M.

    Jack has this. Can highly recommend

  • Kirsten L.

    I bought one years ago for my little one and he still uses it! Comes with a lovely little storybook too. Well worth the money at full price, never mind a bargain!

  • Jenny S.

    Thx. We have realised she is teething now so that might be the problem but I will look into getting one of these.

  • David S.

    Yup got one awhile back for xmas £16 how much are they here?

  • David S.

    a pound cheaper. I can deal with that lol

  • Jo L.

    Thanks I wanted one of these :kissing_heart:

  • Sarah T.

    My son is now 7 and we're still using it. Don't know what we'd do without it!!! Highly recommend

  • Jamie-lee P.

    Aaw thanks I got a replacement last week.. thanks for thinking of me

  • Donna S.

    My 2 year old son likes the idea of it but hates the sun in the morning when it’s not up and he stills wants to get up at 4:26am

  • Zoe H.

    Swear by these! Works a treat on my kids and has done for a year or so! I even use it to help with clocks going backwards and forwards!!

  • Emma W.

    We have son insists on getting up when there’s 1 star left :tired_face: lol

  • Natalie T.

    Best money I ever spent, definitely recommend x

  • Jen M.

    This is the one we have that the twinkles were up playing with at 2am! Haha.

  • Mary A.

    Have it - doesn’t work Well it does for Like 2 days

  • Elaine B.

    Me too up for a wee party at 3 last night with Floyd :upside_down:

  • Kristena W.

    She has 2 new lights so retrial tonight.... Xx

  • Helen S.

    Had one since Elijah was a Baby...often tells me when we near the last star...still wake up super early!!!

  • Lisa A.

    Works for bedtime with the moon and stars but my son still got up about 5 and just waited in his room playing with his toys until the sun came on, didnt get him to sleep an longer :sleeping::slight_frown:

    • Rachel L.

      Got you some more sleep though so that’s a winner surely!

  • Angie R.

    Helen had this for the twins Kay, and it worked really well ( most of the time) xxx

  • Russell H.

    Anything that results in more sleep is worth a try! I'll have a look, cheers me dear x

  • Nikki B.

    I have this but never worked for Harriet....

  • Sonia M.

    Yeah sam gave me one to try im gona go set it up now :see_no_evil:

  • Vicky H.

    Thanks kelly, im thinking of getting one of these. Jamie sleeps in the deck so not sure how much light it gives off. Xx

  • Mary A.

    About 6 years of no sleep - some day I’ll get used to it :joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Michael K.

    Hi Han , Roscoe has this and I’ll warn you . It lights up the room and is very bright even on the blue night time setting . X

  • Tony G.

    He takes after me. I average about 10 hours good sleep a night and still feel tired. Both Jacob and I can rightly claim " It's my age!":sleeping::sleeping:

  • Lisa S.

    Looks good but u know Evie :thinking::see_no_evil: xxx

  • Jade W.

    I would love one! Tommy is at that age where he knows he should stay in bed until morning but he's finding it difficult to know when that is with the dark mornings. X

  • Lisa W.

    The best thing i have ever bought!! Definitely worth every penny n have been using it for years now :smile:

  • Elaine L.

    Thanks Laura, we managed to get one the other week. Hope you are well :blush: xx

  • Jade W.

    Thats Fab.. thank you!!! If u dm me it address I will call for it whenever is best x

  • Delia T.

    Any time or I can drop it to you on my way home one evening.... or on a Saturday - Haydn goes to MJ acting at Batteyford Church on a Saturday morning and Freya goes to Sarah Suttons at St Mary's church hall on a Tuesday Wednesday Friday

  • Louise N.

    Doesn’t make them sleep any longer.....

  • Emily B.

    Iv got one :thumbsup: it does work x

  • Chantelle B.

    No lol she can tell the time. She's got a real clock in her room. She just isn't capable of sleeping past 6am. I think it'll always be the way with Danny leaving at at 5.30 no matter how quiet he is I think it still disrupts her x

  • Brenda S.

    yeh ... unpredictable lol x

  • Amy L.

    You can have ours :joy: xx

  • Angela C. you think this might work for a grown man whose clock is completely upside down:joy::joy:

  • Amy B.

    Could do with one of these!! Xx

  • Katy P.

    oooh thank you, hope your ok cherub xxx

  • Sophie K.

    Such a good price! I might order one x

  • Ebony B.

    They are fab! Good price on here too. Deffo worth a try :slight_smile: xxxx

  • Colin W.

    No he is a dead loss :joy:

  • Jamie R.

    I don’t think it will work - the alarm clock didn’t!

  • Victoria K.

    Ordered!! I can’t wait for a lie in :hugging::see_no_evil::joy:

  • Sarah C.

    Ha buying one of those aswell then lol :joy:

  • Rachel L.

    Yes, works brilliantly as long as you enforce it. Didn’t take my daughter long to get the idea when she was 3ish, now she’s nearly 6 and it means I don’t have to get up until 7.20 any day :thumbsup:

  • Heidi W.

    I need marns to understand x

  • Chris T.

    Having trouble?? We've had one ages. Keira just turns it off :joy:

  • Terri H.

    Have to look into this:relaxed::relaxed:xxx

  • Hannah V.

    get it, get it, get it!!!

    • Lucy W.

      Seeing as I had a 2.30 am wake up call today... think that I might :grinning:

  • Emma R.

    We get one yes, he understands the concept and it does keep him in bed longer but he doesn't go back to sleep if he still wake early if you know what I mean but he don't just stay in his bed which is a step forward :ok_hand: X X x

  • Nikki A.

    Didn't really make much difference with our little girl, she's a button pusher and has managed to change the time so the alarm bit goes off at 2.14am lol. Fortunately, it doesn't wake her up

    • Elle G.

      hold the down button to lock it!

    • Nikki A.

      Elle Gillespie She's 6 now, she can unlock it too! I've given up changing it back and locking it

  • Karen H.

    Nope didn’t help us at all. Just used to come through and tell me what colour it was until the sun came up.

    • Helen T.

      Likewise for us, didn't improve sleep

    • Isla B.

      Poppy figured out how to change it so the sun would show :joy:

  • Sarah T.

    I might try one then. Cheers xx

  • Noeleen L.

    maybe this would help Caiden. Good and bad reviews about it. If not expensive it could be worth a shot.

  • Rachel I.

    I can not recommend these enough. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

  • Mandy S.

    Brilliant, highly recommend x

  • Sara H.

    Erm no luck for us! The little monster still comes in to us most nights and then will go back into his room several times to see if the sun is up!! Glad I got mine second hand or else I'd be annoyed at the wasted money!! :unamused:

  • Michael D.

    You know we always dream of that night where Caogán lies in until half 6 :joy::joy::joy:

  • Kate A.

    Thanks Hun, just ordered. Xxx

  • Kathryn B.

    Yes! Two of my children have one, and they stay in bed until the sunshine comes up! Works a treat!

  • Mellissa S.

    Best thing I have bought. Nearly 5 years in and its still a novelty of not getting out of bed til mr sunshine appears. Well worth the money :relaxed:

  • Michelle M.

    Best thing we ever bought. Worked great for us and we still use it even though our son is 6 now :grinning:

  • Sophia B.

    Worth every penny! My boy won't get out of bed until the sun is up and knows stars means it's sleepy time!

  • Karen B.

    Oh yes - brilliant thing. Hannah always knew that she shouldn’t get up until Mr Sunshine was on her clock

  • Emily G.

    :joy::joy::joy: shall I buy one?

  • Kelly B.

    Zayden has a grow clock best thing we ever bought took a few weeks for him to understand but once he did was amazing :grin: I’m at work but think chad might be taking kover! Xx

  • Heather A.

    Really helped with my eldest when at age 3 was getting up at 5am every day! Worked brilliantly, she stayed in bed til 6.50 (our set time) everyday, then came running to me shouting, 'it's Morning!' It does have to be explained but comes with a book to aid this :blush:

  • Jo L.

    Worked to get my 5 year old to sleep in her own bed :grin:

  • Lucy W.

    Until they work out that all they need to do is push the button and the 'sun comes up' :rolling_eyes: the buttons should be hidden

    • Annalisa P.

      There is a "lock " option for the buttons, I was in your same shoes and my little one thought he was smart pushing the button in the morning at 5 am , you have to press and hold for 5 seconds the " arrow down " hope this help x

  • Amy G.

    Yes we have. We were getting 5.30am rising and tantrums if she couldn’t come into our room, but now she gets up at 6.30am to go for a wee and then goes back to bed because the sun isn’t up - changed our life!

  • Lisa F.

    Mixed reviews really, think it’s more for little ones. I need to do that colour clock xxx

  • Tanya H.

    :thumbsup_tone1: I’ve thought about getting one of these for Scarlett, just never got round to it! Wonder if it would work!

  • Amanda B.

    I’m looking for one of these xx

  • Jasmin C.

    I’m not sure Minnie will even care what the clock says...she’ll do what she likes anyway

  • Caz E.

    my son has had this from age 4 as he was waking up at all hours thinking it was morning time. It worked for a short time, but then he started shouting when is it going to turn yellow instead :joy:. We wrote down the numbers it would need to be to turn yellow and put it next to his clock, it actually worked quite well! He is now 6 and still has his clock, but uses it at his night light as a comfort, but also for telling the time. So we have definately had our moneys worth from it.

  • Nat A.

    Thanks just ordered one last night off Amazon for £19:99 x

  • Becky D.

    Blake is loads better now thanks xx

  • Emma R.

    I'd say they are worth a try for the price :ok_hand: X

  • Adie C.

    One of the best things at ever purchased!

  • Joanne B.

    Think we might need to give one of these a go x

  • Laura S.

    Oo yes we are. That's brill thank you!! Xx

  • Tanya H.

    I’ll get one for George too if so :joy:

  • Filippa M.

    So far I agree with that! Doesn’t work in our house either! Alto my sisters kids love it :heart_eyes:

  • Emma L.

    Thank u will have a look need to do something it’s driving me nuts lol :joy:

  • Lauren B.

    Works for my son. We had issues with 4/5am wake up and he was just too tired to function. So got this along side a star chart. So a star when he stayed in bed til it went yellow. Success from day one and 4 months in he still waits and shouts me when it's yellow if he can get up.

  • Lorraine A.

    Didn't work with my little boy! Sold it on to the next poor tired Mother :joy:

  • Isabel H.

    We had one with both of ours they are brilliant xx

  • Victoria C.

    Let’s face it. Maisie doesn’t care if it’s dark or light lol she needs to learn to sleep :joy:

  • Nicki L.

    Works Brilliantly for our two boys... 3&5!x

  • Leanne N.

    I’ll have to get one in preparation xxx

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