Stop No Touching Your Germs Are Too Big For Me Baby Sign £9 @ Amazon

Prevents people from passing on nasties to your bundle of joy!
Stop No Touching Your Germs Are Too Big For Me Baby Sign £9 @ Amazon

Having a new baby brings a lot of anxiety. Germs can be the biggest worry, and some people don't care that they are coughing and spluttering everywhere - they will still want to touch your precious bundle of joy. How do you not-so-discreetly prevent it? With a Stop No Touching Your Germs Are Too Big For Me sign - get one for £9 from Amazon.

Stop No Touching Your Germs Are Too Big For Me Baby Sign

With Coronavirus in the news, and viral posts circulating about the dangers of the Herpes virus (coldsores) to babies, it's understandable to want people to be sensible about handling your new baby.

Whilst these signs won't be for everyone, they are great for those of you with premature babies, or if you would just like to make it clear that you don't want strangers handling your newborn.

The sign can be attached to a baby carrier, pushchair or car seat, and reads "Stop! No Touching! Your germs are too big for me!".

It comes with a strap to hang, and is double sided so reads the same on both sides. It's easy to keep clean too.

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Reply to
  • Laura C.

    Bit to far :rolling_eyes: people are so sensitive these days

    • Liza G.

      Depends on the child. Some premature babies really need to be careful.

      • Hayley B.

        we needed this when ours were small!

        • Gra C.

          Liza wish I had one of these with my premie. People get so offended when you ask them to use sanitizer before holding baby, but it's hospital advice.

          • Kim C.

            I didn’t really notice how many strangers think they have the right to touch and get into a new baby’s personal space until my daughter had her baby 4 months ago. As nice as it is people sharing your happiness you don’t have to actually climb in the pram with the baby.

            • Kelly M.

              do you reckon we could wear one at work?

              • Laura W.

                I should of had this :joy:

                • Kathryn S.

                  I think it's a good idea for premature/immuno compromised babies

                  • Michelle C.

                    think I need one of these! :grinning:xx

                    • Claire W.

                      Do they make these for adults to wear too? :fingers_crossed::fingers_crossed::fingers_crossed:

                      • Samantha W.

                        What we were talking about! :joy: xxxx

                        • Liza G.

                          Gra Ce exactly! Thankfully my son was a big healthy boy when he was born but I know lots of preemie mums so I know it's a serious thing for some babiea

                          • Lauren C.

                            Every1 will have one soon :joy:

                            • Rebecca A.

                              Yeah my prem baby was so sensitive catching someones cold at 4 weeks and having to be resuscitated on xmas eve. Snowflake ey? :rolling_eyes:

                              • Shona M.

                                Personally agree. You have no right over anybody's child. Some have invisible illnesses. Some have auto immune illnesses. Some are premature and their ability to fight off infections are compromised. Don't touch other people's children!

                                • Laura R.

                                  Don't think ppl should touch other ppls babies anyway when in pram. Just rude

                                  • Cheryl M.

                                    I said hello to a mum today (someone I know) and I moved the pram cover slightly to see the baby but I didn't touch the baby.

                                    • Aimee A.

                                      I’ll just tell people :joy: get away from my child

                                      • Jen D.

                                        Wish I had one of these and I’m still considering it for my almost 1 year old :expressionless: she’s super smiley, always has been, and the amount of people who think it’s appropriate to touch her drives me insane. Her hands, her face, they just don’t care. I’ve actively avoided a woman who was coughing into her hands and then reached out to try touch my daughter. People have no sense

                                        • Sara R.

                                          :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:see best invention ever x