Sticky Hand Sanitiser £7.45 @ Green People

3 August 2012

The Sticky Hand Sanitiser is usually on sale for quite a bit more than the current £2 discounted price of £7.45. Well, £2 more really seeing as that’s the special offer. Anyway, this is an award winning product at a lovely price that is on offer just for the moment so grab it while it’s hot.

These days a hand sanitiser is a staple for most mums, especially for on-the-go germ zapping and sticky finger fixing emergencies. However, most mainstream hand sanitisers use a cocktail of chemical ingredients to give you this germ zapping protection and some of these, such as Triclosan and Alcohol, can strip your skin and dry it out horribly.

This is very true and in winter my hands really suffer. So how about trying a natural alternative – the Sticky Hand Sanitiser – that costs more but gets its anti-bacterial protection from Tea Tree Extract and other natural ingredients that don’t damage you or baby’s skin as much? The special offer is valid for August so take a chance!

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