Offer Stack: £20 Off When You Spend £100 + Extra £20 Off Using Code @ Babies R Us (Expired)

20 April 2017
£40 Off WYS £100 @ Babies R Us

In need of any supplies for baby? How about £40 off when you spend £100 at Babies R Us?!

Toys R Us have a new offer where you can save £20 when you spend £100 or more at Babies R Us, and the offer will work on top off sale prices too. Even better is that you can save an EXTRA £20 off with the code 8089178884 as well!

The first £20 off £100 is applied automatically at the checkout with no voucher code needed, then you can add your extra voucher code on the top for more discount.

This offer is online until the 24th April, and you can also use the offer in stores by clicking here* and downloading a voucher to present at the tills in store.

If you are spending less you can get discounts on £25, £50 or £100 spends at Babies R Us using the codes below:

£5 off when you spend £25 with code 8089159996
£10 off when you spend £50 with code 8089169995
£20 off when you spend £100 with code 8089178884

The best value comes when you stack your offers, by getting things that in the Up To Half Price Baby Sale*.

Home delivery is free on all orders over £20, or you can click and collect most items for free from stores.

Thanks to PlayPennies reader Claire for the codes

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  • Siân P.

    Thanks. I don't think we need anything but I'll still have a look xx

  • Abi T.

    Thank you! I'll have a look at that now :)

  • Deana K.

    I've used it ordered her a cot

  • Gina F.

    Just got the grace stages car seat for £80!!!! And in pink like I wanted, thank you!

  • Laura G.

    The code definitely doesn't work for me :expressionless:

  • Amy A.

    Thanks Hun. We found this thankfully before we ordered our crib, got a bit whacking discount :raised_hands_tone2::grin: We also bought things separately so we could get it twice :joy: Gotta love being a penny pincher xx

  • Karen D.

    Typical the swings I like are out of stock xx

  • Jenna P.

    Worked for me thanks :ok_hand_tone1::grin:

  • Kayleigh W.

    I'll have a little look thank you :grin: xx

  • Kirsty W.

    Oh that's good might have a wee a nose! Thankyou

  • Natasha W.

    Thanks Hun I'll have a look x

  • Lynsey E.

    Yup, it wouldn't come off the till and the manager checked and says things like wet wipes and creams are perishable and don't count. Worth it for big items like prams though xx

  • Jennifer A.

    This is such a good deal and we've got £20 vouchers too. Just had a look though and there's literally nothing we need :joy:

  • Karley M.

    It don't work for me. Says something about click and collect or delivery you won't get discount

  • Hazel P.

    Yay! Thank you! I'll have a look at this offer - no doubt I've overlooked some things! Just ordered a ton of stuff today!

  • Emma Y.

    Thanks Hun I'll need to have a peek see what they all have xx

  • Michelle B.

    i have stuff in my basket.... just trying to figure out what i really need ;) as got lots so its kinda wants as opposed to needs haha!! xxx

  • Stacey B.

    Seems like a fab offer xx

  • James P.

    And free delivery too :sunglasses:

  • Samantha G.

    Unfortunately anything that would be over £100 lol I already got just stuff like more nappies ect and some towels now ;) but thank you :heart::heart:

  • Natalie T.

    There's some good prices actually xxx

  • Michelle B.

    Some good bargains to be had :) I have things like a changing mat and nipple cream etc in my basket! Such a good saving for things that are gonna need to be bought and free delivery... God I love a bargain :D xxxx

  • eileenpayne444

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  • Katherine I.

    Good thinking another item :ok_hand_tone1: off list xx

  • Diane R.

    Thank you I have nothing I'm so unorganised :weary::weary::weary: xx

  • Anna M.

    Is this shop good? I've never even been in it! Xx

  • Rudi A.

    Got some bargains!! Thanks for the heads up :heart_eyes:

  • Anna M.

    Sounds good! Will have a look! :thumbsup: xx

  • Lindsay M.

    Oo that's great! That's where I got my pram, car seat etc! Thanks! :kissing_heart: xxx

  • Jax A.

    Thanks love.. don't really need much but will go have a look and see if they have anything I want anyway :joy::grimacing: xxxxxx

  • Sandie B.

    Oh my god thank you I nearly bought it yesterday with just the £20 off but didn't, will get it today! X

  • Kelly F.

    I'm going to do a final order next week so this will be handy :) x

  • Racheal A.

    That's good but think we have Everything we need now. Just need high chair and carrier ... Will have a look later x

  • Sarah A.

    Great thanks will have a look xx

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