Where To Buy The Rockit Portable Baby Rocker

For those babies that like to be rocked to sleep
Where To Buy The Rockit Portable Baby Rocker

We have found the best baby life hack, EVER! The Rockit Baby Rocker attaches to prams and pushchairs and gently rocks your baby as the relax.

The Rockit Portable Baby Rocker has an RRP of £39.99 but we will regularly update with the best prices around.

Here's where to buy the Rockit Portable Baby Rocker at the lowest price:

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Baby Pushchair Rocker

When you have a little one that wakes as soon as their buggy stops moving, it can be very draining. Babies with colic can be hard to settle, so the gentle vibrations of a baby pushchair rocker like the Rockit, can be just the ticket.

It works by attaching the device to your pram or stroller. You just switch it on, adjust the speed and watch your child slip into slumber.

They are especially handy if you're out and about, on a bus or train - or even if you're sat trying to have a coffee break down the local cafe. Obviously, they aren't designed for you to dump your baby to one side whilst you binge watch Line of Duty, but they are ever so handy for when you need to unpack the weekly shop or get the other kids sorted out.

Rockit Portable Baby Rocker

The Rockit Portable Baby Rocker is an impressive piece of kit for baby. It fits most makes and models of pushchairs, travel systems and prams.

It is completely safe to use from birth, and it'll save you hours of manually pushing the buggy to and fro.

The motor that powers it is quiet, so your baby won't be disturbed by it, and it boasts and adjustable speed.

With the 30 minute rocking cycle you can ensure baby is soothed even when you're folding laundry, cooking dinner or the likes.

One of the best features is that it can be used outside and in, plus it's showerproof.

The battery can last up to 60 hours at a time, depending on what speed you have the Rockit set to.


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