Real Nappy Week Offers And Discount Codes

21 April 2012

It’s been Real Nappy Week this week, and there have been so many discounts and special offers on real nappies, I’ve had to really fight my desire to give you nothing but nappy deals this week! There are only a few days left now, so I thought I’d give you a round up of what’s available.

Whenever people ask me what the ‘best’ cloth nappy is, I always say that’s like asking what the best trousers are. There is no best, and until you shop around,  you won’t know what’s best for you and for your body shape. It’s the same for babies. There’s better for boys and better for girls, better for heavy wetters, or better for taller babies, or shorter babies or smaller babies or larger babies. In my view, the best thing to do is buy a variety, on sale or second hand, and try them out (some companies even have trial packs for that reason!) and then choose your favourite and stock up that way.

Here are a few of the offers I’ve spotted around the web this week:

  • gNappies will include a free pack of gLiners with any orders over £50
  • 20% Off all Totsbots nappies with discount code FRNW0412
  • Baba And Boo has 15% off everything with the code RNW2012. Orders over £30 get a free wetbag and orders over £80 get free baby shoes.
  • 20% Off Bumgenius V4, Rainbow Single Easyfits, Flip Disposable Insert Packs, Flip Trainer Pants and more at The Nappy Lady. Likers of their Facebook page get an additional 10% off
  • The Natural Nursery have 20% off SmartiPants, Pop-in Nappies, Disana organic nappies, Bumgenius, Flip  Nappy Covers and more
  • Babi Pur has a BOGOF offer on newborn Bumgenius and 20% off a whole range of nappies, including Itti Bitti Tuttos, and Fuzzibuns
  • Plush Pants gives you 15% off and free delivery with the discount code SSJD154
  • Birth2Potty has various BOGOF and 20% offers on their site.
  • Fill Your Pants is a fantastic site if you’re starting out with Real Nappies – it was where I started too – with a very good nappy comparison page as well as a personalised which nappy’ service. They also have a host of special offers and discounts for RNW2012

It’s not nappies, but if you’re looking to go to reusable wipes too (which is a massive financial saving, even if you just use them for face and hands) then Cheekywipes has a huge 25% off everything with the coupon code 702C9D59 .

Most of these offers end at midnight on Sunday night, so don't delay!

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