'My Daughter Almost Choked On Sophie The Giraffe Toy' Post Goes Viral

'My Daughter Almost Choked On Sophie The Giraffe Toy' Post Goes Viral

Sophie la girafe

A mum whose six-month-old daughter started choking on a Sophie the Giraffe toy has shared the horrifying experience via her Facebook page, which has since been shared more than 2,200 times.

The Huffington Post reports:

Katie Jones, who uploaded a photo of the toy and a description of what happened, explained that her daughter, Paige, was happily chewing on the popular rubber teether. But when she went to grab something from the kitchen, Jones returned to see her daughter had "become quiet and lifeless".Katie wrote on her personal Facebook page:

"However on the 8th July 2015 Paige was happily munching on Sophie. I walked to the kitchen to grab something. On my return I realised she had become quiet and lifeless. When I checked on Paige she was turning blue. Paige had got the whole of one of Sophie's legs lodged down her throat."

"I had to unhook it free and pull out the leg from the back of her throat. I was absolutely terrified. I gave some firm pats on my daughter's back and this made her throw up and take a breath."

Katie added that she had never felt so terrified, and believes her daughter would have suffocated without her mother's intervention.

"I wish for this post to simply make parents aware of a danger I didn't think could happen. I'm shocked. Now looking at Sophie I realise how long the legs are and how dangerous this could potentially be to babies who love to chew. Please note my daughter is fine. Yet the memories of it will stay with me forever. Please share this post to forewarn other mums. Don't leave your child unattended with this teether."

Well done to Katie for being such a quick-thinking mum. As she points out, it's vital that babies are never left unattended with items which could become a choking hazard.

And if you want to familiarise yourself with what to do in the event of your child choking, check out our previous post about the Chokeables video by St Johns Ambulance.

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