Mums Freebie: Two Free Pregnancy Tests

Mums Freebie: Two Free Pregnancy Tests


These always come in handy, no matter whether you’re trying for a baby or not, and they are really expensive in the shops. I must admit to having stared at the price of some of the pregnancy testers I’ve seen in horror! So these two free tests are a complete winner and I’ve already ordered my two, just in case...

To get your kits you’re going to have to fill in a survey that asks you whether or not you’ve been undergoing any fertility treatments and how variable your cycles are. It’s a pretty detailed questionnaire that may have some of you scratching your heads a bit but the end result is worth it.

It shouldn’t take you to long to complete and if you don’t know the specifics just fudge them a bit. I’m sure it won’t matter that much. I also must add that this is exclusively for UK residents so a big sorry goes out to our Irish readers for this one.

Thanks to BAZZAUK at HUKD!


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