Morhulin Nappy Care Cream Review

22 March 2014

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 10.32.35If you're struggling to find something to take care of a little one's nappy rash, look no further than Morhulin Nappy Care Cream.

You can get hold of it from Chemist Direct for just £2.79.

I've tried absolutely every kind of cream and ointment going on my baby's nappy rash, which suddenly seems to have flared up out of nowhere. I'm pretty certain that it's related to a particularly vicious bout of teething but still, even when you know nappy rash is going to clear up once the teeth appears or the teething symptoms subside a bit, it's still horrible to feel completely helpless when your baby is clearly feeling some discomfort.

This stuff is magic though. We've literally bought about six different brands of nappy rash cream and this is the only one that has really done the trick. It's much cheaper than some of the brands that were recommended to us too, but to be honest we found that even the pricy ones did little to help clear up a bad case of nappy rash.

Morhulin contains cod liver oil and vitamin A and it has more or less cleared up our baby's nappy rash in a matter of days, so itch the expensive brands and give this little tube of magic a go.


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  • Cath1959
    Used morhulin in 1982 on my eldest child, was like a miracle cream
  • Mazda5

    I used Michelin cream when my youngest had chickenpox in his nappy area as the Valentine lotion wasn't working. Now use it every time either of my boys have a rash as they are both disabled.

  • Sal

    trying to purchase moulin nappy cream . Do u have any?

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