Milestone Baby Cards £12.99 @ Amazon

30 July 2014

Milestones Cards The Milestone Baby Cards at Amazon aren't on sale or reduced, but they're a cool new product and if I was about to have my babies I'd be all over it. The Milestone Baby Cards are £12.99 delivered.

In a thumbs up to the modern 'selfie' culture, these baby milestone cards give you a prop to put in pictures with your baby when you're photographing their milestones.

With the Milestone Baby Cards, you can capture your baby, the milestone and the date in one image.

The Milestone Baby Cards is a set of 30 illustrated cards in a gift box. The day your baby has a milestone moment, you take the matching Milestone Card, write the date on it, and take a picture of your baby.

This way, you will never forget the day your baby rolled over for the first time, ate solid food or said their first word - and  I know that with your first you think you'll remember the date forever, but you really wont, I promise!

The Milestone Baby Cards are made in The Netherlands on eco friendly certified paper and a special printing ink based 100% on vegetable oils, so non-toxic if it happens to land in a mouth too.

I think it's a perfect gift for any expecting or new parent. I know I'd have loved them!

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