Medela Breastcare Set £9.11 @ Amazon

Medela Breastcare Set £9.11 @ Amazon

Amazon have 39% off the Medela Breastcare set at the moment, reducing it to £9.11 from £14.99.

Actually there are two reviews on this gift set, and one says it's fantastic and one says it's rubbish, so it's hard to tell, really!

Looking at the contents though, you receive 15 disposable breast pads, a 7g PureLan, and two Hydrogel Pads in a cute little bag.

PureLan cream protects your nipples from dryness during breastfeeding. It contains 100 per cent pure lanolin (wool wax) without any artificial additives or preservatives. This means it doesn't have to be removed before breastfeeding. You can also apply it to other dry skin areas. The PureLan cream is so safe, you can even use it on your baby's skin, apparently.

The Hydrogel Pads are cooling pads for the skin. The pads provide moisture and keep your skin smooth and, in doing so, ease the pain of sore nipples between feeds. Because the nipple area is kept moist, the Hydrogel Pads create an environment that promotes the healing process.

Of course not everyone suffers pain from breastfeeding, but like with any muscle used for the first time/first time in ages, there can be some aches and pains to get through, so having something on hand to stand by you is great, and I think it makes a thoughtful and encouraging gift.


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