Lelli Kelly Canvas Shoes Only £17.95

Lelli Kelly Canvas Shoes Only £17.95

Save up to 50% at Shoes.co.uk! These gorgeous Lelli Kelly canvas shoes which would usually set you back £22.45 are now £17.95. Delivery on orders under £35 costs £2.95 and takes two to three days so check out their site for more fantastic savings.

New this season from Lelli Kelly and part of their new Zoo collection are these gorgeous canvas shoes. This style features the Lelli Kelly logo, pink rubber Lelli Kelly sole and leather removeable insole. Plus the beautiful beaded zoo design includes a cute beaded animal! PLUS each pair also includes a free make-up gift.

Shoes.co.uk offer these shoes with a giraffe, elephant and zebra beaded animal on the front and you can choose whatever combination you like on the right and left feet as long as the sizes match! So if your little madam can have an elephant on her left shoe and a giraffe on her right shoe! And at only £17.95 that’s a reasonably priced way to give your little miss the stand out factor she craves!


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  • magicbeans
    great deal!! went a bit OTT and bought my daughter 3 pairs in the same size in john lewis sale...she's currently on her 5th pair of LK and only 3 yrs old X) but have always bought them on sale. gonna resist buying these..... :3
    • Chlar
      Isn't this just the price for each shoe?
      • timnlaura
        Isnt it just for one shoe?
        • Poppykinsdaycare
          Got really excited but this deal is for one shoe at £17.95 not a pair :|:|
          • SarahLK83
            Brilliant deal! That's a saving of nearly £10 on a pair of LK shoes. Still hellishly expensive, but I know my daughter will wear them to death, and at least this way they're pretty much the same price as the dinosaur Clarks shoes I get my son.