Johnsons Baby Skincare Wipes 99p @ Home Bargains

25 November 2011

Of all the wipes I've used over the years, these Johnson's Baby Skincare Wipes have to be my favourite.  They're not cheap compared to some of the others but at the moment, for packs of 56 wipes, Home Bargains are selling them for 99 pence rather than the £3.25 they usually retail for.

If you think you're going to stop buying baby wipes when your baby isn't a baby any more, think again; my children are aged 17, 16 and five-and-a-half and baby wipes are still a regular feature on my shopping list.

I admit that my eldest son doesn't use them so often, unless we're out and about and hands are in need of wiping, but me and my daughter do.  We both agree that Johnson's Baby Skincare Wipes are the best for taking make-up off and are bigger, and cheaper, than specific make-up removing wipes.

They are as mild as water, so can safely be used on delicate baby faces too, and contain No More Tears baby lotion to keep skin feeling lovely and soft.

I have no idea whether this deal applies in-store with Home Bargains, if you have one near you it'll be worth checking, or you can pay to have them delivered.  There doesn't appear to be any limit on how many packs of Johnson's Baby Skincare Wipes you can order, but the more you buy the more you'll pay for home delivery - click HERE to see Home Bargains sliding scale for delivery charges.

Happy wiping whatever you wipe with baby wipes!

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