Johnsons Baby Skin Care Wipes 89 Pence @ Tesco

16 April 2013

Tesco are selling my most favourite baby wipes in the whole wide world - Johnsons Baby skincare wipes - for 89 pence per pack of 54.

If you think you're going to stop buying baby wipes when your baby isn't a baby any more, think again; my children are aged 18, 17 and almost seven, and baby wipes are still a regular feature on my shopping list.

My daughter and I use baby wipes every day and we both agree that Johnson's Baby skincare wipes are the best for taking make-up off and are bigger, and cheaper, than specific make-up removing wipes.

They are as mild as water, so can safely be used on delicate baby faces too, and contain No More Tears baby lotion to keep skin feeling lovely and soft.

I have no idea whether this deal applies in Tesco stores too, but they usually make their online deals available in the shops - it's worth having a look if you're popping past.  But even if it doesn't apply in-store, there's no limit on the number of packs you can buy for 89 pence and this price is valid until 7 May too, so you've got a little bit of time to stock up if you don't want to go Johnsons Baby skincare wipe crazy all in one go.

Thanks to aztek at HUKD

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