Jackson Reece Wet Wipes 2 For 1 @ Tesco Extra

Jackson Reece Wet Wipes 2 For 1 @ Tesco Extra

Jackson Reece

Jackson Reece wet wipes are on a two for one offer at Tesco Extra stores at the moment, making them £2.49 for two packs.

I'll admit that I'm totally biased: I'm a big Jackson Reece wet wipe fan. They are my favourites by leaps and bounds, leaving all other baby wipes in the dust. Having a child with extremely sensitive skin, I discovered Jackson Reece when I was desperate for something that didn't cause or exacerbate her skin condition, which rival products that contain SLS did.

Jackson Reece wipes are unscented and fragrance free. They are biodegradable, compostable and chlorine-free. They contain to SLS, SLES, Parabens, alcohol or lanolin. We've reviewed both their flushable and original wipes here on PlayPennies, and I still think they're the best wipes on the market.

The packaging is recyclable, and there are no chemicals that are harmful to sensitive skin. The wipes are moister than most, and tend to remain so, which is apparently down to the packaging.

The only problem I've often had with Jackson Reece wipes is finding them. While they are available in some Sainsbury's and some Mothercare stores, they never were around me, so I had to order them online. Knowing I can now find them in Tesco Extra too, and at two for one, is fantastic news.

This offer is valid till the 12th of April.

Thanks to hillsbills at HUKD


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