HiPP Organic Stage 1 Banana And Peach Dessert 12 Pots £3.36 @ Amazon

HiPP Organic Stage 1 Banana And Peach Dessert 12 Pots £3.36 @ Amazon

Here's a good one to stock up on. This is a 2 pack of 6 125g jars in each pack, making 12 in total, of the HiPP Organic stage 1 banana and peach dessert. Amazon has this reduced down to £3.36 from £9.36, and delivery is free with Amazon Prime.

I loved the HiPP jars when son was a baby. Organic, and tasty, really handy to have one around for use when you needed it. I travelled a lot, so it was good to be able to have a jar around to hand for a quick snack where it wasn't possible to give them anything else.

The desserts are quite lovely. Although the name makes it sound like a sugar filled nightmare, they're really just fruit. There isn't any added sugar or sweetener! And they're not as sweet as the name sounds. I also found that they are FABULOUS for grownups too, when mixed with natural yoghurt. I think I might have eaten more of them than my son did...

These desserts are, specifically, bananas and peaches blended with rice. There are no preservatives.

The ingredients are: fruits (78%) (bananas (50%), peaches (25%), lemon juice from  concentrate, water, ground rice (3%), antioxidant ascorbic acid. All ingredients are organic, unless stated. In this produce the water and antioxidant ascorbic acid are from non-organic sources. The desserts are gluten free, and there's no added milk products.

Thanks to shadow1 at HUKD!


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