Hands-Free Baby Nail Files £7.49 @ Amazon

Hands-Free Baby Nail Files £7.49 @ Amazon

Scared of cutting baby's nails? I had my eldest when I was 21 and managed to slice a big bit of skin off the top of his thumb with Baby Clippers and my God how I cried. He was fine by the way. If only I had seen these Hands-Free Baby Nail Files! Adult nail files can be far too harsh and can tear nails and burn skin with friction. This Hands-Free Baby Nail File is just £7.49 from Amazon.

The Hands-Free Baby Nail Files is a safe way to trim down those little talons that many babies seem to have.

This set included a flexible 'Thumble' that you mount the nail file to and 3 x 5 (15) disposable nail files put over a thumb. This allows 'hands-free' for squirmy little bundles of joy.

Recommended for babies from 3 months. Although there is a pack for 6 months plus.

Replacement files can be purchased at £3.49 for 15.

I think these are a great alternative to Clippers and Scissors and would make a nice New Baby Gift.

You can have the Hands-Free Baby Nail Files delivered for FREE if you have Amazon Prime or are spending £20+. Otherwise, delivery is chargeable at £3.99.

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Reply to
  • Shazneen P.

    Yes we have - not all that . The file is quite rough for newborn skin.

    • Maria R.

      Wait till they're asleep then cut their nails. Much easier.

      • Louise P.

        Exactly what I was going to write - my son's 4 and I still do his toenails when he's asleep! :see_no_evil::laughing:

        • Vikki T.

          2 year old freaks if you even touch his feet and i cant even get near when hes asleep. 11 day olds nails are so tiny id never get clippers under them :persevere:

          • Vicki P.

            I tried that, the little sod somehow knew and wormed around like crazy. Now that she's a toddler the only way I can do it is distract her with books that she loves :s

          • Jo P.

            I use an older one of mine. Much cheaper. The professional ones (black) are best I found.

            • Ross T.

              That would never work. Duct tape and a wooden chair for the win

              • Sarah D.

                Bobby let's me do his most of the time

                • Davie F.

                  Just bought this for ma 1yo ,,r these any gid,,cheers

                  • Stephanie G.

                    I file Darcies, I wanted this but I didn't have the money to get it, so I just bought a pack of files from the homies an she just lets me do them

                    • Sam B.

                      I have one, they are amazing

                      • Michelle G.

                        I have this still hard to do lol

                        • Casey C.

                          I didnt find these good at all. I wouldnt recommend

                          • Charlene W.

                            Me too the sticky pads during stuck too well and the ability to some it one handed I struggled then finally it took alot of filing to get to desired length

                            • Casey C.

                              Id rather just nibble them off lol

                              • Geraldine C.

                                Me too, too footery and didn't really file that easily. Ended up just cutting them. Waste of money.

                              • Ellie-May W.

                                Oh thanks, there a great idea:grinning:x

                                • Susan M.

                                  that looks good i cut their teeny tiny nails today so hard when they pull away from you! x

                                  • Lorraine A.

                                    I used to nibble mine. Or trim them when they were asleep. What a useless waste of money this is!

                                    • Karlene N.

                                      Haha that's fit I would need :see_no_evil:

                                      • Megan N.

                                        i need one of these :smile: xxxx

                                        • Jessica P.

                                          Ive seen these, need one! Xx

                                          • Gemma R.

                                            These are an absolute waste of time. Tommie tippee scissors are best

                                            • Caroline O.

                                              Seen these going order some baby razor nails are not fun x

                                              • Ruby-Lou H.

                                                I snipped Leo's skin the other day and I cried so much:no_mouth:, wish I'd have seen these!x

                                                • Chantelle I.

                                                  No good! Don't waste your cash x