Gro Company Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer £14.99 Plus Up To 35% Off The Gro Company @ Amazon

Gro Company Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer £14.99 Plus Up To 35% Off The Gro Company @ Amazon

When the Clocks change, it can really affect little one's sleep patterns. The Gro Company Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer can help them to realise when they should be up or still in bed. Grab one for just £14.99 in the Amazon Early Easter Sale. For today only, there's also up to 35% off other The Gro Company items too.

The Gro Company Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer is aimed at kids that are too young to read the time. With the use of stars and sun, your child can see when it's too early to get up.

These are very popular with parents and it's because they really work.

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Delivery is FREE for Amazon Prime Members, or those of you spending £20+.


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  • Lara B.

    This clock literally saved my life during the toddler years and beyond. I cannot recommend it enough!!!

    • Dawn E.

      Never worked for me still wakes up before the set time :frowning2:

      • Kate T.

        Mine still wakes but stays in bed til the sun comes out

        • Dawn E.

          Wish mine did keep getting out of bed and walking around the bedrooms

        • Laura L.

          Thanks, we do have one of these, it was amazing for Jorge but Isabelle is one on here own and completely ignores it :joy:

          • Ross T.

            This would handy on a few levels... xx

            • Amy W.

              Oh we’ve got one of these!! I just need to set it up, not sure though what age they understand it from :thinking: Henry was up at 3.30 today!!! :see_no_evil: xx

              • Kate S.

                Oh no! The hour change does strange things to their sleep patterns. Emily understands that she should stay in her room until “mr sunshine is awake” she just decides she doesn’t want to :see_no_evil: she also discovered how to push the buttons to wake it up too so I’ve had to lock the buttons now. Too clever these minis lol xx

                • Charlotte B.

                  a good saving if you did want to get one!!