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Yocalc One of the biggest worries I had about my children was getting them to eat the right foods to support their growing bodies and their immune systems. I was a shocking eater for most of my adult life so any rules and advice given to me by my parents had long gone out the window. This free diet calculator is a complete life saver.

Tot It Up is essentially a calculator that gives you a personalised analysis of your toddler’s diet so you can ensure they are getting a good balance of foods. I have to admit that this is such a helpful tool I’m not entirely sure what I did without it! It gives you excellent advice on how to achieve a balance if you’re not quite getting it right too. Yofood

There are practical tips and information on foods, physical activity, healthy eating habits and all sorts of other extras that are tailored for your toddler’s specific age. You can use this calculator even if you’re not the domestic goddess and only use pre-prepared foods.  I thought that was an excellent touch...

Thanks to ljfx at HUKD!

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