Free MioSolo Cloth Nappy £4.95 Postage @ Bambino Mio Shop

Free MioSolo Cloth Nappy £4.95 Postage @ Bambino Mio Shop

Bambino Mio are offering a free MioSolo nappy with the code below. You have to pay the (rather extortionate for one item) postage fee, but even so, it amounts to less than a third of the original nappy price.

New soft cloth for the price of postage

  • Discount: Free Nappy - £10.04 saving
  • Valid on: MioSolo nappies
  • Promotion Code: EDMIOSOLO

I love the cloth nappies my baby girls wear. They are so soft and gentle on their skins, and especially now with a newborn: I love the chemical free cloth on her little body.  My best advice and tip for parents who want to switch to cloth, however, is not to go out and buy a bunch of whatever worked best for your neighbour/sister/friend’s baby. The best thing you can do is to get a variety of different nappies and try them all out before buying those that work best for your child.

Just as we don’t all buy our trousers from the same place, our babies can’t all wear the same nappies. Some work better for some than for others.

That’s why this kind of offer (and many others like it during Real Nappy Week) is so brilliant – it gives you the chance to try before you buy loads and spend lots.

Thanks to Convie at HUKD



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