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Yochange Change 4 Life is a long standing campaign to help families eat better, exercise more regularly and live healthier and happier lives. I’m a huge fan of this initiative and now they’re adding to my fondness by giving away some much needed essentials for winter exercise, free bike reflectors and much more

Don’t be disconcerted that the web address is for Heart radio station, the initiative is being done in conjunction with them too so that more people can hear about it. The more the merrier I say! Riding a bike is an excellent way to achieve physical and mental fitness. It works most of the core muscles, improves respiration and encourages a healthy heart. Only those living in Cambridgeshire will get the free reflectors.

YochangeHowever, those of you outside of that area can still benefit enormously from Change 4 Life free stuff. The site has free recipe books, dance lessons and you can register for a free personalised Action Plan.

There is advice for babies, toddlers, mums and dads, plus links to events and activities in your local area, all for free. What are you waiting for?

Thanks to pinkmelonsmr2 at HUKD!

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