FREE Baby Box Worth £46 For Amazon Prime Members

14 August 2016
FREE Baby Box Worth £46 With Amazon Prime

Amazon have brought back a brilliant offer available to all Amazon Prime members once they have completed their 30 day trial. You can get a FREE Baby Box with products worth £46 when you create a Baby Wish List with the new online service.

What you get is a luxury box containing eight hand-picked products and a baby guide with essential checklists, a baby bump size chart and exclusive Prime member discounts. You can see the free Baby Box here*.

The main terms and conditions are as follows:

How to Claim:

  1. Be a member of Prime and have completed the 30-day free trial.
  2. Create a Baby Wish List.
  3. Once you are eligible, you will see a "Claim Now" button on the left side of your Baby Wish List. Click the button to automatically add the Baby Box to your cart.

Note that this is a limited time offer, subject to availability. You must be logged into your account to redeem the offer. One Baby Box per household and a maximum of one box every 8 months. The Baby Box will be delivered directly to the door with no purchase necessary.

Some have been able to claim the box with no issues whilst for others it has not been appearing for them to claim, however a quick conversation with the Live Chat team at Amazon and they alter the price of the Baby Box down from £46 to zero. Live chat workers have also confirmed that the offer is live and that any issues with the processing are being fixed now, so if for any reason you are eligible and it does not work contact them and they should fix it. We have tested the offer and it's worked for two of our team, so get in there quickly folks! What an amazing freebie!

So do you have Amazon Prime or know someone who has? Make sure they claim this offer now!

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  • fivegoldstars

    Poor show Amazon - I don't qualify because my Prime membership is Student Prime?

    • admin EDITOR

      Ah that's a shame :( 

    • sai

      I got it with Student membership after speaking to a rep on Live Chat

      • admin EDITOR

        Thanks for letting us know sai, handy tip! 

        • fivegoldstars

          I tried twice on live chat, and submitted a complaint. No joy. The terms make no reference to student Prime being exempted - as far as I'm aware, there's no difference. My landing page says Prime, I can 'manage my Prime membership', Amazon tells me of Prime benefits...but suddenly there's a two-tier system. Transcripts below:

          I'm Mythili from customer service escalation team here at

          I understand your disappointment regarding the issue. That's definitely not what we want our customers to experience. Please let me explain this for you.

          Amazon Baby Box offer is only for the Annual Prime members who pay GBP 79.00 per year. Though Amazon student Prime and Amazon Annual Prime have many common benefits, both are separate subscriptions and have their benefits.

          For example Student Prime has 6 month free trial and also discounts on books and stationary which is not available for Annual Prime members.

          Please understand that the subscriptions are designed in a way the benefits offered should fulfil the needs of intended users.

          As mentioned earlier you may check the terms and conditions for the Amazon Baby Box offers in the link below, which specifically states that the offer is for Prime Members and not for Student Prime members.

  • mrso

    Is there a price band you have to reach to qualify? I pay the full £79 a year fee and keep adding stuff to my wish list but the box remains "unavailable." Have they sold out or am I doing something wrong? 

    Many thanks 

    • admin EDITOR

      Hi, yes it is out of stock right now but keep trying as it went for a few hours the other day too but was soon back and no, there's no minimum spend at all.

  • Hellen B.

    Caroline Biddle, Libby Crewe, just done this and it worked. Not everything is of use, bit some bits look okay!

  • Ruth W.

    I've created the baby list but can't see a claim now button?

    • مريم �.

      I was told via live chat that you must use a desktop, I haven't tried it yet so I can't confirm.

    • Ruth W.

      Yes your right if you go on on the desktop the button shows up X

    • Carly M.

      Finally managed to get mine :smiley:

  • Libby V.

    , this is a great deal, I've done it so it's definitely legit :)

  • Susan L.

    Just created a list and just claimed mine

    • Sarah F.

      Where do u claim it from ?

    • Susan L.

      Make a baby wish list thenopen up the desktopversion open the wish list and on the left there should be a button to click

    • Laura S.

      How much stuff did u put in ur wish lost please I can't get it to wrk x

    • Susan L.

      U have to click the actual baby wish list about 5 items.

  • L'tish F.

    It's not working for me :( I'm a prime customer and I've got a baby wish list :(

  • Lisa B.

    I've managed to get one. However I couldn't do it on my phone, I had to go to the desktop site to be able to get it to work.

  • Tasha M.

    They just send you bottles and baby food :rolling_eyes: maybe a teether or something, if only they did a hippy one full of breast pads, teething necklaces, creams or Amber bracelets

  • Laura O.

    Try on computer some say can't do on mobile. X

  • Alison T.

    You need to go on desktop site for claim now button to appear :)

    • Paula S.

      I can't see claim button.

  • Kimberley B.

    I done it but had to go on desktop site as no option to claim on only on the free trial too but had email confamation already x

  • Amanda B.

    Is it eight months from last one?

  • Debbie C.

    Not wirking still comes up at 25quid

  • Sarah H.

    I've got one ty.. Had to chat with Amazon tho as it was trying to charge me and she changed it to free after I purchased it :blush:

  • Jaime W.

    Took me forever to figure out how to do it but got mine :) xx

  • L-j T.

    Ohhh thanks worth a try xxx

  • Linzi W.

    Cool worth a try haha x

  • Nat M.

    Rubbish that you can't get it with Amazon student. Really not impressed with Amazon customer service at the minute. #amazon

    • Jessica B.

      I just got it with Amazon student?

    • Maisie B.

      I got it on student too, couldn't do it on my phone but popped up on desktop version? If that helps :)

    • Alaina T.

      It's not showing for me either! I'm on student

    • Alaina T.

      Nat Martin how did you contact them to complain?

    • Jenny J.

      I had to go onto a laptop to get it to work couldn't get it on my phone

    • Nat M.

      Alaina Teader I used the live chat feature on the web version.

  • Andrea J.

    Ordered :thumbsup: thanks guys x

  • David W.

    Doesn't work on student apparently....

  • Laura M.

    Ooh thanks

  • Sarah B.

    This does work but I had to log in to the desktop site and contact them via chat....I had to order it and then they adjusted the amount down to zero! Fab to get a freebie!!

  • Adam D.

    , you can get one every 8months x

  • Cheryl D.

    I need try it too

  • Laura S.

    It's not working for me do u have to have a certain amount of items In your wish list? And can't get on to love chat x

  • Michelle L.

    Ordered mine but I had to do the chat service and they changed my order to £0 once I'd completed my order. I took a screenshot of the chat just in case :see_no_evil:

  • Donna S.

    Is anyone else having problems claiming this?

  • Paula S.

    How do you get chat on

  • Samantha A.

    Not working still :rolling_eyes: been a prime member since it launched, have a baby wish list. Can't see what I'm doing wrong

  • Vickie H.

    Oh I just want the toy :joy:

  • Louise T.

    Ooo I'll do this I have prime x

  • Louise T.

    Ordered it :-)

  • Charlotte B.

    Brilliant. Xx

  • Kristin M.

    I'm trying, been on chat, think I have to wait for an email, so we'll see what comes of it :smirk:

  • Jennifer M.

    Ordered hopefully! :heartpulse:

  • Amy G.

    Cool! I haven't completed the 30 day trial yet though

  • Amy G.

    Thank you! Box looks really good xx

  • Natalie R.

    Already got it :blush: loving a good baby freebie xx

  • Jennifer M.

    I've tried on my laptop and phone it doesn't work don't know if it's coz I've got student prime, soz xx

  • Pauline R.

    Love it got it ordered this morning thanks! V excited! Must remember to tell mum and Christine xxx

  • David M.

    Done :slight_smile:

  • Lucy S.

    It's only one per person xx

  • Lucy S.

    , I got this for a friend. It had some good stuff and completely free x

  • Sue J.

    Seems to be out of stock even for purchase now :(

  • Zoe M.

    Out of stock x

  • Clare A.

    Out of stock :thumbsdown_tone2: xx

  • Laura F.

    Saying its out of stock

  • Charlotte H.

    All gone. :slight_frown:

  • Natasha W.

    Ah brilliant thanks Hun - ordered now as have a wish list lol! Xx

  • Abbey L.

    It's not free it's £46 just had a look xxx

  • Stacey S.

    I can't get it to work at all

  • Rachel M.

    Thanks ! Ill have to have a look x

  • Katie B.

    , i got one of these last time..totally free xx

    • Victoria L.

      Thanks will check it out

  • Laura E.

    Currently unavailable :disappointed: good spot though! xx

  • Caroline I.

    Thank u xx

  • guest

    Got one :-) comes monday :-)

  • Annie B.

    Out of stock :slight_frown:

  • Rebecca R.

    Says out of stock atm

  • Clare-Louise L.

    Ordered mine thank you play pennies (it was a nightmare to get as had to go through customer services but got there on the end) x

  • Emma H.

    Done it- woop woop!

  • Vicky F.

    also found a £15 off £60 spend at Amazon on baby products xxx

  • Emma H.


  • Karen B.

    these are worth getting. X

  • lucyferror

    Promotion expired according to Amazon representative :(

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