Ecozone Moonlight Energy-Saving Nightlight £4.99 @ Amazon

Pnight Just as you get them sleeping through the night suddenly the dark becomes a terrifying place and you’re back to waking up every few minutes to calm their fears. The solution? This excellent nightlight from Amazon for a mere £4.99.

We were at a loss as to why our daughter was refusing to go to sleep or kept on waking up during the night. We left the hall light on but that was just too bright and so it kept her awake. We were too tired to think straight so the idea of a night light didn’t occur to us until someone helped us out.

The Ecozone range is very good and was actually recommended to me by other mums. The light level is perfect for keeping the room bright without over stimulating little eyes. The unit runs on less than 1/2p a day thanks to its energy saving design, using only 4.38kWH per year compared to the usual 61kWH for a seven watt night-light. Pnight2

It comes with a three year guarantee and is brilliantly portable for holidays and visits to far flung rellies.

Thanks to Stervo at HUKD!

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