Disney Baby Finding Nemo Sea Of Activities Jumper Now £64.99 Delivered (was £109.99) @ Smyths (Expired)

17 October 2016
Finding Nemo Sea Of Activities Jumper

I really don't think you can get any cuter than this amazing Disney Baby Finding Nemo Jumper! The Sea of Activities it is called and boy is there a lot of activities to do! Over at Smyths you can now get this fab jumper toy for £64.99 instead of £109.99. Just add the code TS10 for that price and you get FREE delivery too!

So, what's included on this fab bouncer I hear you ask! Well it might have been easier to tell you what's NOT on it, but here goes anyway:

  • Over 13 different toys and activities
  • The seat rotates 360° for easy access to all toys, Tad and Pearl characters remove from Mr. Ray for take-along fun
  • Interactive Squirt themed piano
  • Nemo rollerball toy station with dancing lights and ocean sounds
  • A starfish shaped link loop for adding baby's favourite toys
  • Unique jumping platform which has 4 height adjustments to grow with baby
  • High seat back provides additional support
  • Machine washable seat pad

Not mention the fact it is so bloomin cute!! So in your pack there will be a jumper, seagull, hanging pearl toy, hanging tad toy, Mr. Ray toy, seahorse bead chaser, Nemo spinner ball, shark stalk, mirror fish stalk, Dory fish stalk, turtle electronic toy, starfish teether and a link loop. That's enough to keep your little one entertained for a while!

I cannot recommend a jumper enough, my daughter had one and boy did it tire her out! It also kept her entertained while I could get the washing up done, hang the washing out etc all the while knowing she was safe next to me, without fear of her getting out or crawling around.

If you prefer to collect your order from store you can do so free of charge.

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  • Carly W.

    I have this , it's brill :smiley: although my son is to small yet

    • Nicola O.

      This is lush! Xx

  • Michelle B.

    why wasn't this out before :tired_face:

  • Sophie O.

    damn it - next time!

  • Lauren T.

    omg lol a nemo one :joy_cat: xx

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    • Amy B.

      I wish I saw that when he was little 100% would of got it!!

  • Catherine H.

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    • Jacqueline H.

      That's christmas sorted!!!

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  • Becca G.

    u have to buy this how bloody cute !!!

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    Should have got this one

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    this looks cool :) xx

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  • Melissa A.

    we can sell the jumperoo and get this instead yes? Yes!? Xxx

    • Martin A.

      Oh my glob!!!! Xxx

    • Melissa A.

      It's boss. I can squeeze one bum cheek in there xxx

  • Jess R.

    omg wish we'd had this

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    How cute is it??!!!!

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    I want one of these lol

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    This is amazing! You need to get it :heart_eyes:

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    its so cool !! Just need to pursuade !!

  • Kirsty H.

    we have to have another now

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    Errrr YES !!!

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    They are a lot my little 2 loved the jumperoo money well spent in my eyes I payed that for theirs xx

  • Karly G.

    How cool is that lol X

  • Stephanie W.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there is a lobster on here ;-) xx

  • Melissa W.

    This has got be best jumper around! X

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    Chris White how cool is this? :grinning:

  • Tasha E.

    Im saving up.. i wanna get this :open_mouth::heart_eyes:

  • Emma N.

    Mine mine mine :joy:

  • Sarah D.

    Oh my days! Why have you done this to me?! I so now need a new jumperoo :heart_eyes:

  • Michelle C.

    I won't need it for another year so they might come down in ££

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    Oh love this one xx

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    Perfect reason to have another baby...

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    Get me one next time u go.....and a baby please lol x

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  • Tasha E.

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  • MG A.

    a must to keep your baby quiet!!

    • Lilly A.

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  • Stacey S.

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  • Natasha C.

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  • Stacey S.

    I mite go down now today get him one xx

  • Chanelle M.

    What a bargain!! Was going to pay £100 for one of these! So brill saving x :thumbsup:thank you x

  • Tonybhoy

    This code says not valid. Wanted to buy one I'm gutted now!!

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