Buy One Get One FREE On Selected Nappies @

Buy One Get One FREE On Selected Nappies @

It wasn't until I had my third child, five years after my second, that I realised how expensive nappies are. Okay, so it's part of having a baby, an essential everyday purchase, but everyone wants to lessen the cost of buying them.

Here you go... Buy One Get One FREE on Selected Nappies at You can get TWO packs for as little as £3.99. That works out at just £2 a packet!

There are 8 different Packs included in this cracking deal. Choose from these:

You can Click and Collect your Nappies for FREE from a store near you or pay £3.50 to have them delivered to your front door.

Thanks to loveszebargains


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  • Bekey C.

    Yes and my son had a reaction to them. Made his bum really red and blotchy. Took them back and got my money back x

    • Jennifer A.

      They're crap lol :sweat_smile:

      • Amie P.

        Rubbish brought them as emergency once absolutely crap ! X

        • Vickie P.

          Aldi are better

          • Suzanne B.

            They're terrible.

            • Catherine H.

              They're rubbish. Aldi and asda much better

              • Nicola G.

                Awful. Dont bother.

                • Heather M.

                  Gave my daughter horrific nappy rash

                  • Catherine S.

                    Just bought these the other day as i was in boots and they made my son's bottom really red and sore, i have tried all different nappies on him as well and he has never had a reaction before x

                    • Bridget F.

                      They were great, we used them all the time, until boots changed them (made thinner and more absorbant) then we had the same problem with really bad sore, red skin

                    • Simone T.

                      Worst I've tried, every nappy leaked.

                      • Zara Y.

                        Worst I've ever tried! And I've tried them all near enough. Couldn't believe how rubbish they were. Leaked all the time and made my son sore.

                        • Gillian B.

                          Leaked on my little boy too!

                          • Nicki M.

                            You get more for your money in tesco

                            • Rachael C.

                              Worst I've ever tried and expensive. Morrisons, Asda, Sainsburys and Tesco are all better.

                              • Mehvish O.

                                Awful aldi nappies all the way

                                • Cheryl H.

                                  Yeah we had bad experiences with them too just leaked terribly x

                                  • Nicky J.

                                    Everyone has own opinion on nappies but it's all down to your particular child's skin.. what suits one might not suit another x

                                    • Bekey C.

                                      Thanks for that insight

                                    • Lorraine E.

                                      We get on really well with boots nappies. Just brought 284 of them and made the most of the BOGOF offer. My 8 month old is very comfy in them too. No leakages, rashs etc.

                                      • Kourtney M.

                                        They gave both my girls really bad rashes, like burns!! I only use Aldi ones now there the best x

                                        • Carol B.

                                          usd them quite a lot when they've been on offer, we never had a problem.