Bumbo Baby Sitter & Play Tray £24.90 @ Precious Little One

Bumbo Baby Sitter & Play Tray £24.90 @ Precious Little One



If you've not come across these before Bumbo seats used to be called "Floor Seats" but here they are referred to as a "Baby Sitter". What they are designed for is to allow young babies to sit up when they cannot do so unsupported, and it allows them to play, eat and interact with their surroundings.

It's made from a safe shatter-proof material which supports the infant in an upright position, and this one has a safety restraint for extra reassurance and comes complete with a removable play tray.

Precious Little One sell this for £52.95, but when you add the code BBS61 the price will drop to £24.90, which is about half the price of anywhere else I can find. It also comes with FREE Delivery.

Some people swear by these seats and say they are the best purchase they made for their baby, and others just never got on with them. I'm in the latter category, but only because my first baby was a whopping ten pounder and was too big to use it comfortably by the time he was old enough, though I suspect he was very much the exception! They are still an extremely popular purchase, and at less than £25 I don't imagine the stock will last too long.

If you are considering this item then there is loads of information and advice about them on the net to help you, and if you have already decided to get one then it's unlikely that you'll get one at this price again for a while.

With thanks to Staceylouise09 @ HUKD.


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