Billie Piper and Melanie C On Celeb Baby-Making: TMI

7 January 2010

scarlettWoaaah, what's with all these celeb mums spilling the beans about the precise details of their family planning?

First Melanie Chisholm, of Spice Girls fame splurged to the Telegraph, telling them how she and partner Thomas Starr made time for making babies;

'I'm madly organised," Chisholm says. "We sat down and I said we have to fit the baby thing into our schedules. Tom laughed and said it doesn't work like that, you know. But, in fact, we were lucky. I got pregnant right away.'

Ew. I mean congratulations on the easy creation of Baby Scarlett and all that but really, do you have to create these mental images in newspapers which most of us happen to be reading while we're scoffing lunch? Put me right off my Cup-a-soup, that did.

Billie Piper is at it, too, telling all in an interview with Marie Claire. Asked about the timing of baby Winston's arrival in her life, she said;

"Well, you do make an active decision that you're not going to use condoms or whatever. Then there's that 'I am so in love, I just want to have your baby'. It's such a hot thing, it's so gorgeous. 'We fell in love, I want you to impregnate me' - I don't know what's not hot about that. And also, making a child in the throes of love instead of 'Oh, I suppose we should knock one out'. We were in our house in the country and we'd just got back from our honeymoon. It was literally jet-lag sex."

Ladies, puh-lease. We know you're thrilled with your new-mummy status and adorable off-spring, and so you should be, but there are some things which only Mummy and Daddy really need to know about.


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