The BIG Sale On Reusable Nappies @ Little Lamb

8 October 2014

little lamb nappy kit

I know that lots of you folk LOVE using reusable nappies. They are said to be more Eco-friendly than disposables. I have never tried them, but I know at least five mothers that do use them, and in fact swear by them. Little Lamb have a BIG sale on reusable nappies and some other bits and bobs. I don't know a lot about these type of nappies, but their sale sure looks good.

The Little Lamb Full Kits are down from £180 to only £99 and are available in cotton, bamboo and microfibre. These have everything you need to get going with reusable nappies. They come in two different sizes, and include tea tree oil, which is a natural antiseptic.

I have always thought, that these look to be much more comfortable for little perfect, peachy bums. A friend of mine always says that her baby has never experienced any irritation from them. Which, lets face it, if true, is more than can be said for disposables.

Cost wise, think how much you spend on nappies in the first six months alone, It's A LOT! These appear to be more purse friendly too. I am not one to preach, because they will either be for you or not. For me they are not. My washing machine is on constantly as it is, and I just couldn't add to that.

Let us know, if you use disposable nappies, and how you get on with them.

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