Bambino Mio Nappies Review

9 April 2011


As far as cloth nappies go, Bambino Mio are the closest to the old style Terry Nappies your mother used to use. They are square white bits of cloth, and are used with a liner and a nappy wrap.

Bambino Mio are, however, substantially less bulky than terry nappies, and actually have a fantastic design behind them. The square is separated into three sections, with the two outside rectangles being standard thickness and the inside panel thicker, making it more absorbent.

Preparing them for use is very simple. Fold them into three (perpendicular to the panels) so that the bulkier middle section is at the bottom and thinner sections are up the front and back of the baby. Cover with a liner and pop these into a wrap and you're ready to go.

Before purchasing the Bambino Mio nappies, we used disposables overnight as our reusables would be wet through by morning, but since we've been using these overnight, we've not had to use a single reuseable. They are very absorbent, and despite some stellar teething nappies, we've not had a single leak.

Washing is simple too. Dirty liners go in the loo, the rest goes in the nappy hamper and after bath time when we put the last nappy of the day on, everything goes in a 40 or 60 degree wash, depending on whether there are dirty nappies or not.

I think these are great for warmer weather too since they don't wrap around the body, leaving less area to get hot and sweaty and therefore minimising the risk of rash too.

Bambino Mio might not be the prettiest nappies on the market, although they do have some cute wraps, but they work superbly well.

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