Baby & Toddler Specialbuys @ Aldi

Baby & Toddler Specialbuys @ Aldi

Aldi and Lidl always make me laugh (in a good way). They are the only places where you could pick a pack of pork loin and scuba diving flippers from the same aisle. The good thing is, those random items or 'Specialbuys' as Aldi calls them, can be pretty darn good.

Pre-order online from today with FREE Delivery or in store from Thursday 21st April. Aldi have a smashing selection of Baby and Toddler Specialbuys available. These generally sell like hotcakes, so you might want to get down to your local Aldi sooner rather than later. It's a case of once they're gone, they're gone.

I honestly don't know where to start! These Aldi Specialbuys completely blow the other supermarkets out of the water.

Just have a look at these unbelievable bargains: Dream N Play Travel Cot*only £19.99 delivered, Blackboard Table and Chairs* just £29.99 delivered, Hauck Go-S Sun Buggy* only £17.99 delivered, Mamia Highchair* just £18.99 delivered, Hauck Baby Safety Gate* only £12.99 delivered, Tommee Tippee Four Pack Of Bottles* just £5.99 delivered, Box of 12 of Mamia Baby Wipes*only £5.99 delivered and Pink Chevron Changing Mat* just £3.99 delivered.

If you do order your items to be delivered, please note that they won't be dispatched until 21st April at the earliest.


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  • Claire F.

    loads of bargains!! X

    • Andrea T.

      Didn't realise i could browse & purchase online !!!! X

      • nadacolada

        Awesome, isn't it? :D

      • Claire F.

        I know and with free delivery!! Bonus!! X

      • Jade M.

        Looks better than the asda one! X

        • nadacolada

          That's exactly what I thought. It's brilliant this time around especially with that FREE delivery.

        • Sam T.

          just ordered loads Lol x

          • Carly W.

            Oh gawd im going on instore Thursday x

            • Sam T.

              Free delivery too!!x

              • Carly W.

                Will wait until gets home and ask him :blush: x

                • Sam T.

                  I just got 2 packs of wipes and the thermometer x

                  • nadacolada

                    Me too! :D 

                  • Anne-Marie P.

                    recommend the wipes and nappies!

                    • Lisa C.

                      worth a look xx

                      • Lesley W.

                        Thanks Lisa I will definitely be having a look xx

                      • Siobhan W.

                        they've got the swim nappies back in. Loads of other things too xx

                        • nadacolada

                          Are they good? I haven't tried them before. :D

                        • Rach H.

                          might be worth having a look

                          • Sarah R.

                            It's in store the 21st x

                            • Katie C.

                              might order some bits online cos I'm working that day :blush:

                              • nadacolada

                                You should... it's FREE delivery!

                              • Katie P.

                                Thanks , :kissing_heart:I get paid tomorrow do you reckon it'll be on then still? XxX

                                • Sarah R.

                                  Ah it's cool that you can order online now though!

                                  • Laura K.


                                    • Helen B.

                                      Yeah. It's not in stores until next week. It's just that you can order online and get delivered for free, I don't think they usually do that. Xx

                                      • Ella P.

                                        Brilliant thanks, I'll have a look now! Xx

                                        • Gemma P.

                                          Perfect! Thanks :) x

                                          • Denise H.

                                            great baby event and free deliver too XxX I use their wipes, nappies XxX

                                            • Samantha H.

                                              I'll have to have a mooch the weekend, thank you :) xxx

                                              • Samantha H.

                                                Samantha Harris ha we have the same name :thumbsup_tone1:

                                              • Julia M.

                                                .. aldi baby events are epic :blush::blush:

                                                • Kate C.

                                                  baby gates in the Aldi event in case you need them soon. X

                                                  • Charlotte L.

                                                    we need safety gates!!

                                                    • Sally T.

                                                      might be worth a look x