Baby Price Wars! Tesco Drop Their Prices On Baby Essentials

7 February 2015

tesco loves baby price drop pm

One of the reasons that Tesco have been having problems is their pricing. Asda are just cheaper overall - it's that simple. Well, with all the changes that are happening at Tesco at the moment a welcome one is that their every day prices on baby essentials like wipes, nappies and toiletries are being dropped.

The prices have been dropped on the Tesco's own brand Tesco Loves Baby, with the main reductions being these:

  • Baby Wipes - 64p a pack, or 5 for £3 (60p each).
  • 500ml Baby Toiletries (eg. shampoo, baby lotion, top-to-toe wash)  - now 89p each. 
  • Economy Packs Nappies - now £4.50 each or 2 for £8.

The great thing about this offer is that it matches or beats Asda prices and the offers are not gong to come and go - according to their grocery website the offers end in February 2016! No rush to stock up, just 'permanently' lower prices. That's what we like to see. :)

If you fancy winning a lifetime's supply of nappies then you can enter the Tesco Loves Baby Competition here*.

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