Baby Freebies: Free sample of Huggies® Newborn

nappy2 Nappies - whilst not the most glamourous baby purchase you'll make, will be one of the most regular and if you've walked down the nappy aisle at the supermarket you'll already know what a bewildering array there is.

So what do you choose?  One of the big names or a supermarket own brand?  Gender specific (if you already know or if the baby has already arrived)? Pull ups? Velcro tabs? Ones with stretchy sides?  Perhaps ones with Pooh bear on them (I always thought that was hilarious to have Pooh on nappies....but then I can be easily amused!)?  Or maybe ones that are shaped more like proper pants than a nappy?  And let's not even go DOWN the route of swimming nappies yet!

nappies3So here's my best advice - get hold of as many different samples of nappies as you can and then try them out.  Huggies boys nappies were great for my eldest son many moons ago, but Huggies for girls 14 years ago really didn't suit my daughter - she was more of a Pampers fit and you won't know which is which without trying them.

Thing is, you don't want to spend the best part of a tenner on a pack of nappies that might not suit you or your baby - so samples is definitely the way to go.

You don't have to register first to claim this baby freebie from the Bounty parenting club, you just need to fill in your name and addresss and they'll send your sample out in the post to you.  I do like it when things are nice and simple.

Happy Nappy choosing!

Thanks to lottysdad08 overr at HUKD!

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