Baby Freebie: Organic Cotton Bodysuit From Vertbaudet

13 November 2010

Vertbaudet Be quick to bag this one! Vertbaudet are giving away a baby's organic cotton bodysuit to the first 5,000 to apply. Bodysuit is available in a size suitable for babies aged 0-5 months old.

To get your free body suit, click on the link above and fill in the form on the page that it takes you to. Then, if you're one of the 5000, you'll be taken to a page thanking you for your request and letting you know that your free organic bodysuit will be with you in the next few weeks.

I didn't use my main email address for this. By signing up for the offer you're agreeing to recieve information and updates from Vertbaudet. Of course nothing is really free but I don't want my personal account's inbox all clogged up. So I have a couple of other email addresses I use for this purpose. You can also find services online that will set up single-use disposable email addresses.

This looks like a really lovely little bodysuit. White, with a small pattern on the front, and long sleeves. I had one just like it for my son, and I used to love putting it on him under a pair of dungarees. In fact, this was the perfect outfit for flying in. Aeroplane cabins are so hot, so I could take the dungarees off and leave him in the bodysuit, then just slip the dungarees on when it is time to disembark. That means only carrying extra body suits (and maybe another pair of dungarees just in case) on the plane instead of several changes of clothes!

Thanks to BlueSky at HUKD!

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  • sue
    sent for one for my sis, new niece cming very soon, whooohooo thanks
  • Emma
    Aww all gone now.

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