Up To 50% Off @ Kiddies Kingdom

Up To 50% Off @ Kiddies Kingdom

Kiddies Kingdom  have up to 50% off on 334 products across their store. If you're busy preparing for a new baby or the next stage, it's worth having a look at. They offer free delivery for purchases over £50.

I never understand these sales, actually. It says up to 50% off, but one of the first offers I find, has way more than that off. It's the Bapper Retractable Baby Storage Caddy,a bag that stores most common baby care products and includes necessary hardware for ceiling attachment.It features a wipe holder, four large trays, four small cup size trays, and a hook for towels and clothing. There's a flexible cord from ceiling that allows you to pull down when needed and push up out of the way when not in use. This was selling for £24.99 but is now £9.99.

The Clearance section has loads more to choose from, with things from pretty much every baby-related category. The whole website actually looks a lot like Kiddicare to me, so I wonder if they are related. Either way, the prices are great, and it's not a bad way to save a few - in some cases quite a few - quid.


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